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  1. Category: Clock and Timing Analog Devices announced the ADF4157 , a new high frequency, fractional-N PLL synthesizer for applications that require low phase noise and ultra-fine-tuning resolution, such as satellite communications, private mobile ...
    Wireless » Analog Devices » ADF4157
  2. The AD8375 and AD8376 from Analog Devices are high performance, fine-gain-step, digitally-controlled variable-gain amplifiers (VGAs) ideally suited for automatic gain control (AGC) within next-generation digital receivers for 2.5G, 3G, 4G, and ...
    RF · Wireless » Analog Devices » AD8375, AD8376
  3. The ADL5570 from Analog Devices is a high-linearity power amplifier (PA) designed for mobile WiMAX terminals. The ADL5570 is optimized for operation in the 2.3-GHz to 2.4-GHz band and provides good performance across frequency bands from 2.5 GHz to ...
    RF · Amplifiers » Analog Devices » ADL5570
  4. Precision op amp reduces power consumption by 30 percent and enables higher accuracy in battery-powered consumer, medical and safety devices. Analog Devices, Inc. introduced a precision operational amplifier (op amp) that is optimized to meet the ...
  5. ADG1233/ADG1234 iCMOS switches enable faster signal capture and processing in applications where low capacitance and charge injection properties result in faster settling times and low glitch. Manufactured on ADI’s proprietary iCMOS™ ...
    Data Convertors » Analog Devices » ADG1233, ADG1234
  6. Optimized to deliver the highest performance for wireless infrastructure applications, ADI's AD8368 VGA provides high linearity over a wide frequency range and integrates an on-chip rms detector. Analog Devices, Inc. extended its portfolio of radio ...
    RF · Wireless » Analog Devices » AD8368
  7. Canon selects ADI's AD9970 analog front end to enable its HDV camcorder. Analog Devices Inc. announced it is extending its portfolio of analog front ends (AFEs) for high-performance imaging applications with the introduction of a device that offers ...
  8. ADI expands award-winning capacitance sensor portfolio with input device that enables error-free performance in low power mobile environments. Analog Devices, Inc. introduced a programmable 14-channel capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) for ...
  9. Designed on ADI's XFCB-3 SiGe process technology, new AD8352 diff amp drives 12- to 16-bit ADCs used in advanced wireless infrastructure applications. Analog Devices Inc. is announcing the industry’s first differential amplifier (diff amp) to ...
  10. New precision amplifiers meet performance, power, size and price requirements demanded by today's portable medical and consumer designs. Analog Devices Inc. announced a series of low-cost amplifiers that operate at low voltages and consume minimal ...
    Amplifiers » Analog Devices » AD8538, AD8613, AD8617, AD8619
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