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Search results: 459   Output: 101-110
  1. Application Note AN-4155 March 2013 Fairchild recently developed a field-stop, shorted-anode, insulated-gate, bipolar transistor (IGBT) product family; ranging from 1100-1400 V and including an intrinsic body diode. Since the intrinsic ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power · Application Notes » Fairchild » FGA50S110P, FGA15S125P, FGA20S120M, FGA20S125P, FGA25S125P, FGH30S130P, FGA30S120P, FGA20S140P
  2. Application Report SLUA632 March 2012 Umar Lyles, Yogesh Ramadass Battery Charge Management System and Design The bq25504 is an ultra-low-power charger IC intended for interfacing DC sources like solar cells, thermal harvesters and high-impedance ...
  3. Application Report SLUA691 July 2013 Jeff Falin This application note explains how the data for the bq25504 data sheet efficiency curves was measured. Efficiency for output voltage regulating power supplies (that is, ac/dc or dc/dc converters) is ...
  4. Application Report SLUA629A January 2012 Karthik Kadirvel and John Carpenter Battery Charge Management Ambient light sensors have become very common in portable electronics to adjust the brightness of the screen. These sensors automatically ...
  5. Marian Stofka EDN The bq25504 from Texas Instruments is a good candidate to become a milestone on the road to micro-power management and energy harvesting. A prominent feature of this IC is its ability to start up at a supply voltage as low as 330 ...
  6. Design Note DN05034/D November 2013 The NCL30051LEDGEVB LED driver evaluation board provides PWM dimming capability via gating the resonant half bridge converter on and off at the PWM rate. Effective minimum duty factor is about 10% being limited ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light · Application Notes » ON Semiconductor » NCL30051, NCS1002, NCL30051LEDGEVB
  7. Application Note AND9127/D February 2013 This application note examines methods of evaluating the ruggedness of IGBTs offered by ON Semiconductor. The three measures discussed are the gate voltage rating, the short circuit rating and the UIS ...
  8. Application Note AN4304 October 2013 Nicolas Aupetit This application note explains how to filter the input signal of a current sensing. The approach is especially useful for applications where the RF constraint is very important. A high-side ...
  9. User's Guide SLVU953 October 2013 This user's guide contains information for the TPS65581 as well as support documentation for the TPS65581EVM-575 evaluation module. Included are the performance specifications, board layouts, schematic, and the ...
    Circuits » Domestic · Supply · Power · Application Notes » Texas Instruments » TPS65580, TPS65581, TPS65581EVM-575
  10. Design Note DN05055/D October 2013 High voltage LEDs are becoming more popular and are now available from multiple LED manufacturers such as CREE and Philips-Lumileds. These package LEDs may have typical forward voltages ranging from 24 to 200 V. ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light · Application Notes » ON Semiconductor » NCP1075, NCP4328A

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