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Search results: 445   Output: 101-110
  1. Martin Tomasz, Touchstone Semiconductor EDN You can extend the input common-mode voltage range of high accuracy current-sense amplifiers (CSAs) to hundreds of volts by adding a general-purpose dual op amp and a few discrete components. The accuracy ...
  2. Mincior Vicentiu, Braila, Romania. Inside the case of a regular wall charger with a 500mA transformer I’ve built a source in commutation for powering 10W LEDs by using a TOP242 integrated circuit in the primary part and the LM393 dual ...
  3. Jeff Wilson, STMicroelectronics Use two diodes and two capacitors to generate a negative voltage. This Design Idea describes a circuit employing a small microcontroller-based sensor module with only three connections: 5V dc, an RS-232 transmit-data ...
  4. I needed a couple of AA batteries and found the display at the supermarket where they were all arrayed. Normally when I’m shopping in the supermarket, I tend to look at the price/kg or price/l when comparing similar products. In the case of ...
  5. Vladimir Oleynik, Moscow, Russia EDN The added output has its own voltage regulation Designers use step-up-converter ICs in battery-powered portable equipment. These chips usually provide one output with a fixed or an adjustable voltage. Some chips ...
  6. William Grill, Riverhead Systems, Greeley, CO; Edited by Paul Rako and Fran Granville -- EDN An eight-pin micro multiplies, monitors, and delivers a boosted voltage to a load The circuit in this Design Idea uses a Microchip PIC12F510 controller to ...
  7. By Keith Curtis Microchip Technology For a recent project, I needed a regulated 15-V power supply capable of delivering a couple of milliamps. But the raw supply voltage to the circuit was only 9 V, and I didn’t want to add the expense of an ...
  8. This is a precision 15V regulator on a single side PCB. The circuit is based on EB-802 with design by zerosoft on . I have replaced some components that easy to find in the market and design a new PCB that look like symmetry ...
  9. Tridev Kripa Here is an interesting Car Battery Monitor circuit of a low power electronic dc voltmeter circuit that can be used with car electric systems that run on 12 volt batteries. The voltmeter is an expanded scale type that indicates small ...
  10. JB Castro-Miguens, Cesinel, Madrid, Spain, and C Castro-Miguens, University of Vigo, Vigo, Spain Use a TRIAC and optocoupler to automatically change between doubler and bridge configurations The input-rectifier stage of an offline power supply ...

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