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Search results: 452   Output: 101-110
  1. Application Note AN4304 October 2013 Nicolas Aupetit This application note explains how to filter the input signal of a current sensing. The approach is especially useful for applications where the RF constraint is very important. A high-side ...
  2. User's Guide SLVU953 October 2013 This user's guide contains information for the TPS65581 as well as support documentation for the TPS65581EVM-575 evaluation module. Included are the performance specifications, board layouts, schematic, and the ...
    Circuits » Domestic · Supply · Power · Application Notes » Texas Instruments » TPS65580, TPS65581, TPS65581EVM-575
  3. Design Note DN05055/D October 2013 High voltage LEDs are becoming more popular and are now available from multiple LED manufacturers such as CREE and Philips-Lumileds. These package LEDs may have typical forward voltages ranging from 24 to 200 V. ...
    Circuits » Supply · Light · Application Notes » ON Semiconductor » NCP1075, NCP4328A
  4. Application Note 25.5 November 2013 William Burdette The UCS1002 has advanced USB Port Power / Battery Charging features that can be employed to create unique charging solutions. The objective of this application note is to describe a simple AC-DC ...
  5. Application Note 5766 October 2013 Micheal Scherrenbur The MAX13256, a 10 Watt transformer driver, is an improved way to convey power across isolation boundaries. As with all transformer drivers, good system performance requires good transformer ...
    Circuits » Supply · Application Notes » Maxim » MAX13256
  6. Application Note 142 August 2013 Bob Dobkin Regulators regulate but are capable of doing much more. The architecture of linear regulators has remained virtually unchanged since the introduction of the three terminal floating voltage regulator in ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power · Application Notes » Linear Technology » LT3080, LT3081, LT3082, LT3083, LT3085, LT3086, LT3090, LT3092
  7. Application Note 138 October 2013 Trevor Barcelo An inductive wireless power system consists of a transmitter that generates a high frequency alternating magnetic field and a receiver that collects power from that field. The resonant coupled system ...
  8. Martin Tomasz, Touchstone Semiconductor EDN You can extend the input common-mode voltage range of high accuracy current-sense amplifiers (CSAs) to hundreds of volts by adding a general-purpose dual op amp and a few discrete components. The accuracy ...
  9. Mincior Vicentiu, Braila, Romania. Inside the case of a regular wall charger with a 500mA transformer I’ve built a source in commutation for powering 10W LEDs by using a TOP242 integrated circuit in the primary part and the LM393 dual ...
  10. Jeff Wilson, STMicroelectronics Use two diodes and two capacitors to generate a negative voltage. This Design Idea describes a circuit employing a small microcontroller-based sensor module with only three connections: 5V dc, an RS-232 transmit-data ...

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