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Search results: 136   Output: 101-110
  4. LED or bulb flickers and shimmers randomly like a candle flame or fire. HOME This may well be the world's only discreet logic circuit to generate truely random output. It makes an excellent candle flicker light for your haloween pumpkin, and looks ...
  5. LED power supply - Single AA cell powers two LEDs at constant current HOME This circuit is reasonably efficient, but efficiency can be increased by using a germanium transistor at the 33 ohm current sense resistor.     HOME
  6. LED Stroboscope - Maintains constant brightness at all flash rates HOME The rotary switch is available for $5.00USD as of 2003 from DigiKey under part number EG1951-ND or EG1952-ND. It is a real pain to operate this circuit without a proper switch. ...
  7. Photo Flashes - These flashes all run from a single AA battery HOME This model is very simple and charges as long as you hold the pushbutton: This one charges with a single button press:     HOME
  8. Color Organ Light - Flashes coloured christmas type lightbulbs to music. HOME This circuit works REALLY well. Notice how it will fire even in complete silence. This provides a sort of automatic gain control.     HOME
  9. Delayed Off Light Switch - Rated for use with incadescent loads. HOME This is an unusual design in that it uses plain metal gate CMOS logic instead of the usual PIC or a custom chip. The 22uF capacitor charges up during one half of the ac cycle, ...
  10. Digital Timer Light Switch - Yup it goes in place of a light switch. HOME Typical circuit representative of those used in most light switch type digital timers. The timer module is normally a PIC or custom chip, and it syncs to the AC line so that ...
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