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  1. This simple method lets you make LCD backlight of any color and size to bring new look to an old device. For this job you'll need piece of transparent plastic, LEDs, resistors and some wire plus good set of different tools and couple of straight ...
  2. I was trying come up with something impressive to write about, after having the blog dormant since July. I tossed around a lot of different ideas Although I haven’t been writing, I’ve been dabbling in a number of different projects. ...
  3. I won't kid you - these two cards need some serious construction skills, and are both experimental (particularly the dialler), so are no beginners projects, but wait 'til you see the face of the first person you give one of these to! Don't try ...
  4. Rolf R Bakke modellfly [a] 12 LED's flashing in different random-driven patterns, some includes variable intensity (12 channel PWM). Mount the LED's in a wall clock, or anywhere else! :) See it in action here: There is files for ...
  5. The goal of this project was to expand upon the extremely popular LED persistence of vision (POV) devices that have become a staple of introductory electronic kits. By using the same POV concept as the LED-based kits, we can construct a laser ...
  6. I vica N ovakovic Here is a solution for you The Ir LightDimmer is simple to use, you only need two keys of your remote controller, which are not often used (like teletext keys or similar) or which are not used at all and one push-button that you ...
  7. A conventional 1-MΩ transimpedance amplifier has at least 130 of output-noise density at room temperature. You can consider the 130 nV as the theoretical noise floor limit of the amplifier because that is the noise density of the 1-MΩ ...
  8. Step 1 Using a few LEDs and really cheap fiber optics, I made this dead sexy illuminated fiber optic rose and I’ll show you exactly how it’s done. Step 2 Wires, solder, and soldering gun (of course) 1 green led (I used 6000mcd) Found ...
  9. I was always fascinated by the emergence of patterns. One I like most is the synchronization of hundreds or thousands of fireflies. First they flash randomly but after some time and influencing each other, they flash in sync. The rule behind this ...
  10. APPLICATION NOTE STMicroelectronics 1. INTRODUCTION Lighting that uses halogen lamps is commonly found in residential environments, where it offers a warm light in comparison with that generated by fluorescent tubes, and greater efficiency than ...
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