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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1004IZ-1.2#TRPBF

Manufacturer:Linear Technology
Part Number:LT1004IZ-1.2#TRPBF

Micropower Voltage Reference


Manufacturer's Classification

Signal Conditioning > Voltage References > Shunt Voltage References

Other Names: LT1004IZ-1.2TRPBF, LT1004IZ-1.2 TRPBF, LT1004IZ1.2#TRPBF, LT1004IZ 1.2#TRPBF

Micropower Voltage
Reference U FEATURES

■ DESCRIPTIO Guaranteed ±4mV Initial Accuracy LT1004-1.2
Guaranteed ±20mV Accuracy LT1004-2.5
Guaranteed 10µA Operating Current
Guaranteed Temperature Performance
Operates up to 20mA
Very Low Dynamic Impedance U

■ Portable Meter References
Portable Test Instruments
Battery-Operated Systems
Current Loop Instrumentation The LT ®1004 micropower voltage reference is a
2-terminal bandgap reference diode designed to provide
high accuracy and excellent temperature characteristics at
very low operating currents. Optimization of the key
parameters in the design, processing and testing of the
device results in accuracy specifications previously attainable only with selected units. Below is a distribution plot of
reference voltage for a typical lot of LT1004-1.2. Virtually
all of the units fall well within the prescribed limits of
The LT1004 is a pin-for-pin replacement for the
LM185/LM385 series of references with improved accuracy specifications. M...

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