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Datasheet Maxim MAX4073TAUT+T

Part Number:MAX4073TAUT+T

Low-Cost, SC70, Voltage-Output, High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier


Manufacturer's Classification

Analog > Amplifiers

Low-Cost, SC70, Voltage-Output,
High-Side Current-Sense Amplifier
General Description
The MAX4073 low-cost, high-side current-sense amplifier features a voltage output that eliminates the need
for gain-setting resistors making it ideal for cell phones,
notebook computers, PDAs, and other systems where
current monitoring is crucial. High-side current monitoring does not interfere with the ground path of the
battery charger making the MAX4073 particularly useful
in battery-powered systems. The input common-mode
range of +2V to +28V is independent of the supply voltage. The MAX4073’s wide 1.8MHz bandwidth makes it
suitable for use inside battery-charger control loops.
The combination of three gain versions and a selectable...

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