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Datasheet Analog Devices AD8295ACPZ-R7

Analog Devices AD8295ACPZ-R7

Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Part Number:AD8295ACPZ-R7

Precision Instrumentation Amplifier with Signal Processing Amplifiers


Manufacturer's Classification

Amplifiers > Instrumentation Amplifiers

Other Names: AD8295ACPZR7, AD8295ACPZ R7

Precision Instrumentation Amplifier
with Signal Processing Amplifiers
Includes precision in-amp, 2 op amps, and
2 matched resistors
4 mm × 4 mm LFCSP
No heat slug for more routing room
Differential output fully specified
In-amp specifications
Gain set with 1 external resistor (gain range: 1 to 1000)
Input voltage noise: 8 nV/√Hz maximum at 1 kHz
CMRR (G = 1): 90 dB minimum
Input bias current: 0.8 nA maximum
-3 dB bandwidth (G = 1): 1.2 MHz
Slew rate: 2 V/μs
Wide power supply range: ±2.3 V to ±18 V
1 ppm/°C, 0.03% resistor matching APPLICATIONS
Industrial process controls
Wheatstone bridges
Precision data acquisition systems
Medical instrumentation
Strain gages
Transducer interfaces
Differential output –IN 1 The AD8295 contains all the components necessary for a
precision instrumentation amplifier front end in one small
4 mm × 4 mm package. It contains a high performance
instrumentation amplifier, two general-purpose operational
amplifiers, and two precisely matched 20 kΩ resistors.
The AD8295 is designed to make PCB routing easy and
efficient. The AD8295 components are arranged in a logical
way so that typical application circuits have short routes and
few vias. Unlike most chip scale packages, the AD8295 does not
have an exposed...

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