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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1300CS8#TRPBF

Manufacturer:Linear Technology
Part Number:LT1300CS8#TRPBF

Micropower High Efficiency 3.3/5 V Step-Up DC/DC Converter


Manufacturer's Classification

Power Management > Switching Regulator > LCD/CCD/OLED Bias

Other Names: LT1300CS8TRPBF, LT1300CS8 TRPBF

Micropower High Efficiency
3.3/5V Step-Up DC/DC Converter

■ Up to 220mA Output Current at 5V from 2V Supply
Supply Voltage as Low as 1.8V
Up to 88% Efficiency
Small Inductor –10µH
120µA Quiescent Current
Shutdown to 10µA
Programmable 3.3V or 5V Output
ILIM Pin Programs Peak Switch Current
Low VCESAT Switch: 170mV at 1A Typical
Uses Inexpensive Surface Mount Inductors
8-Lead DIP or SOIC Package U

■ Palmtop Computers
Portable Instruments
Bar-Code Scanners
DC/DC Converter Module Replacements
Battery Backup Supplies
Personal Digital Assistants
PCMCIA Cards Burst Mode is a trademark of Linear Technology Corporation. U ■ The LT1300 is a micropower step-up DC/DC converter that
utilizes Burst Mode™ operation. The device can deliver 5V
or 3.3V from a two-cell battery input. It features programmable 5V or 3.3V output via a logic-controlled input, noload quiescent current of 120µA and a shutdown pin which
reduces supply current to 10µA. The on-chip power switch
has a low 170mV saturation voltage at a switch current of
1A, a four-f...

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