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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1616

Manufacturer:Linear Technology

600mA, 1.4MHz Step-Down Switching Regulator in SOT-23


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    LT1616 - 600mA, 1.4MHz Step-Down Switching Regulator in SOT-23
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    600mA, 1.4MHz Step-Down
    Switching Regulator
    in SOT-23

    ■ DESCRIPTIO The LT ®1616 is a current mode PWM step-down DC/DC
    converter with internal 0.6A power switch, packaged in a
    tiny 6-lead SOT-23. The wide input range of 3.6V to 25V
    makes the LT1616 suitable for regulating a wide variety of
    power sources, from 4-cell batteries and 5V logic rails to
    unregulated wall transformers and lead-acid batteries. Its
    high operating frequency allows the use of tiny, low cost
    inductors and ceramic capacitors. With its internal compensation eliminating additional components, a complete
    400mA step-down regulator fits onto 0.15 square inches
    of PC board area. Wide Input Range: 3.6V to 25V ...



Package CodeS6S6S6


ArchitectureConstant Frequency Current ModeConstant Frequency Current ModeConstant Frequency Current Mode
Design ToolsLTspice FileLTspice FileLTspice File
Export Control, yes/nononono
Frequency, kHz140014001400
Integrated Inductor, yes/nononono
Ishutdown, µA111
Isupply, mA1.91.91.9
Max Phases111
Monolithic, yes/noyesyesyes
Number of Outputs111
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 850 to 850 to 85
Output Current, A0.60.60.6
Polyphase, yes/nononono
Switch Current, A0.850.850.85
Synchronous, yes/nononono
Vin Max, V252525
Vin Min, V3.63.63.6
Vout Max, V202020
Vout Maximum.80VIN.80VIN.80VIN
Vout Min, V1.251.251.25
Vref Accuracy Over Temp, %222

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Manufacturer's Classification

  • Power Management > Switching Regulator > Step-Down (Buck) Regulators > Internal Power Switch Buck

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