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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1941

Manufacturer:Linear Technology

Triple Monolithic Switching Regulator


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    LT1941 - Triple Monolithic Switching Regulator
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    Triple Monolithic
    Switching Regulator
    FEATURES DESCRIPTION n The LT®1941 is a triple current mode DC/DC converter
    with internal power switches. Two of the regulators are
    step-down converters with 3A and 2A power switches.
    The third regulator can be configured as a boost, inverter
    or SEPIC converter and has a 1.5A power switch. All
    three converters are synchronized to a 1.1MHz oscillator.
    The two step-down converters run with opposite phase,
    reducing input ripple current. The output voltages are
    set with external resistor dividers and each regulator
    has independent shutdown and soft-start circuits. Each
    regulator generates a power good signal when its output
    is in regulation, easing power supply sequencing and
    interfacing with microcontrollers and DSPs. n n Wide Input Range: 3.5V to 25V
    Three Switching Regulators with Internal Power
    Switches: 3A Step-Down, 2A Step-Down,
    1.5A Inverting/Boost
    Antiphase Switching Reduces Ripple
    Independent Shutdown/Soft-Start Pins
    Independent Power Good Indicators Ease Supply
    Sequencing ...

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ArchitectureConstant Frequency Current ModeConstant Frequency Current Mode
Demo BoardsDC621ADC621A
Design ToolsLTspice FileLTspice File
Export Control, yes/nonono
FeaturesAnti-Phase Switching, Power GoodAnti-Phase Switching, Power Good
Frequency, kHz11001100
Integrated Inductor, yes/nonono
Ishutdown, µA5050
Isupply, mA22
Max Phases22
Monolithic, yes/noyesyes
Number of Outputs33
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 850 to 85
Output Current, A33
Output Current 2, A22
Polyphase, yes/noyesyes
Switch Current, A4.34.3
Switch Current 2, A2.92.9
Switch Current 3, A22
Synchronous, yes/nonono
TopologyBuck, Boost, Sepic, Flyback, InvertingBuck, Boost, Sepic, Flyback, Inverting
Topology 1BuckBuck
Topology 2BuckBuck
Topology 3Inverting, BoostInverting, Boost
Vin Max, V2525
Vin Min, V3.33.3
Vin Min Startup, V3.33.3
Vout Max, V35.235.2
Vout Max 2, V35.235.2
Vout Max 3, V4040
Vout Maximum.88VIN.88VIN
Vout Min, V0.6280.628
Vout Min 2, V0.6280.628
Vout Min 3, V1.251.25
Vref Accuracy Over Temp, %1.61.6
Vswitch Max, V4040


Package CodeFEFE

Manufacturer's Classification

Switching Regulator

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