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Datasheet Linear Technology LT1943

Manufacturer:Linear Technology

High Current Quad Output Regulator for TFT LCD Panels


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    LT1943 - High Current Quad Output Regulator for TFT LCD Panels
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    High Current Quad Output
    Regulator for TFT LCD Panels
    U FEATURES DESCRIPTIO ■ The LT®1943 quad output adjustable switching regulator
    provides power for large TFT LCD panels. The device,
    housed in a low profile 28 pin thermally enhanced TSSOP
    package, can generate a 3.3V or 5V logic supply along with
    the triple output supply required for the TFT LCD panel.
    Operating from an input range of 4.5V to 22V, a step-down
    regulator provides a low voltage output VLOGIC with up to
    2A current. A high-power step-up converter, a lowerpower step-up converter and an inverting converter provide the three independent output voltages AVDD, VON and
    VOFF required by the LCD panel. A high-side PNP provides
    delayed turn-on of the VON signal and can handle up to
    30mA. Protection circuitry ensures that VON is disabled if
    any of the four outputs are more than 10% below the
    programmed voltage. ■

    ■ 4 Integrated Switches: 2.4A Buck, 2.6A Boost, ...

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ArchitectureConstant Frequency Current ModeConstant Frequency Current Mode
Demo BoardsDC620A,DC697ADC620A,DC697A
Design ToolsLTspice ModelLTspice Model
Export Control, yes/nonono
FeaturesIntegrated Schottky Diode, Power GoodIntegrated Schottky Diode, Power Good
Frequency, kHz12001200
Integrated Inductor, yes/nonono
Ishutdown, µA3535
Isupply, mA1010
Max Phases11
Monolithic, yes/noyesyes
Number of Outputs44
Operating Temperature Range, °C0 to 850 to 85
Output Current, A2.42.4
Polyphase, yes/nonono
Switch Current, A3.23.2
Switch Current 2, A3.83.8
Switch Current 3, A.5.5
Synchronous, yes/nonono
TopologyBoost, Inverting, BuckBoost, Inverting, Buck
Topology 1BuckBuck
Topology 2Boost, Sepic, FlybackBoost, Sepic, Flyback
Topology 3BoostBoost
Topology 4InvertingInverting
Vin Max, V2222
Vin Min, V4.54.5
Vin Min Startup, V4.54.5
Vout Max, V3535
Vout Max 2, V4040
Vout Max 3, V4040
Vout Maximum36V Boost36V Boost
Vout Min, V1.251.25
Vout Min 2, V1.251.25
Vout Min 3, V1.251.25
Vswitch Max, V4040


Package CodeFEFE

Manufacturer's Classification

Switching Regulator

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