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  1. Редакционная статья Electronic Specifier Researchers from Los Alamos National Laboratory, Northwestern University and Rice University have tweaked their crystal production method and developed a type of two-dimensional layered perovskite with ...
  2. Company Ships Multimode GaAs Power Amplifier Modules and First Dynamic Antenna Tuning Solution for Carrier Aggregation Qualcomm Incorporated announced that its subsidiary, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI), is introducing a suite of comprehensive ...
    News » Qualcomm » QPA5460, QPA5461, QPA4360, QPA4361
  3. Daniel Burton, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Question: I’m selecting an op amp for my precision signal path. Isn’t faster always better? Answer: Choosing the appropriate bandwidth for an application of a precision op amp is a lot like ...
  4. Robust ISL32704E offers breakthrough performance, industry-leading EMI and CMTI, and the highest working voltage for industrial IoT networks Intersil Corporation announced the industry's smallest isolated RS-485 differential bus transceiver ...
    News » Intersil » ISL32704E
  5. Designed for Applications that Require High Accuracy and High Resolution Allegro MicroSystems , LLC introduces a new programmable linear Hall-effect sensor IC designed for applications that require high accuracy and high resolution without ...
    News » Allegro » A1377
  6. Francesc Casanellas EDN Figure 1 shows a power supply that delivers 5 V from a 12 V battery. With only a few components, the supply copes with all the automotive transients that ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 7637-1 lists ...
    Circuits » Diodes » MMBTA42
  7. Fons Janssen, Maxim Integrated EDN Introduction High-capacity, multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) have a property often not well understood by electronic designers: the capacitance of these devices varies with applied DC voltage. This phenomenon ...
    Circuits » Maxim » MAX4130, MAX9620
  8. Analog Devices Circuit Note CN-0038 Circuit Function and Benefits This circuit provides a programmable gain function using a multiplying DAC and an operational amplifier (op amp). The maximum gain value and the temperature coefficient are set by ...
    Circuits » Analog Devices » AD5426, AD5432, AD5443, AD8065
  9. T.K. Hareendran Electro Schematics A good, reliable and easy to use dc power supply is probably the most important thing for every electronics hobbyists. Since a proper electronically stabilized power supply is crucial for almost all ...
  10. Xiyao Zhang, Texas Instruments Early in my graduate school education, I was working on a project that needed a unity-gain operational-amplifier (op-amp) buffer for a monitoring circuit in our thin film deposition system. As soon as the new module ...
    Articles » Texas Instruments » THS4281, OPA836, OPA2836
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