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  1. Vishay Intertechnology announced that it has expanded the capacitance range of its M39006/33 (Style CLR93) tantalum-cased, hermetically sealed wet tantalum capacitor. Offering established reliability for critical avionics and aerospace systems, the ...
    News » Vishay » M39006/33
  2. Rohde Schwarz has added a new 6 GHz model to its R S RTO2000 series, opening up measurements on fast communications interfaces and IoT applications. The exceptional characteristics of the compact R S RTO2000 lab oscilloscopes make them the ideal ...
    News » Rohde&Schwarz » RTO2000
  3. Superjunction Device Provides Industry’s Lowest R DS(ON) ∙Q g FOM for Telecom, Industrial, and Enterprise Applications Vishay Intertechnology introduced the first device in its fourth generation of 600 V E Series power MOSFETs. ...
    News » Vishay » SiHP065N60E
  4. The ams TDC-GPX2 measures time intervals at a resolution of up to 10 ps for ultra-accurate time-of-flight measurements in laser ranging and medical scanning applications ams AG has launched a new version of its market-leading time-to-digital ...
    News » ams » TDC-GPX2
  5. John Powell, NXP Semiconductors Microwave Engineering Europe The latest advances in LDMOS technology have allowed RF power transistors to be employed in systems that were formerly the exclusive domain of vacuum tubes, while also expanding their use ...
    Articles » NXP » MRF1K50H
  6. Martin Rowe EDN The late 1950s and early 1960s saw perhaps the most dramatic change ever to hit electrical engineering. When transistors came along, many engineers needed to quickly learn how they worked and how to use them. Engineering managers ...
  7. Michael Dunn EDN I once needed a voltage doubler circuit with no DC leakage path between input and output, and ended up devising this unusual 556- (dual 555 timer) based circuit with a floating voltage output. Despite some shortcomings, the 555/6 ...
  8. Royce Higashi and Tony Doy, Maxim Integrated Products EDN Low-profile piezoelectric speakers can provide quality sound for portable electronic devices, but they require voltage swings greater than 8 V p-p across the speaker element. Yet, most ...
    Circuits » Maxim » MAX4410
  9. Junko Yoshida EE Times Tell us who makes the best 10 IoT processors. Is there a table somewhere that lists the top 10 IoT processors? What makes one IoT processor more successful than others? If we assume that the IoT market is picking up momentum, ...
  10. Murata Manufacturing Co ., Ltd. has introduced the DMH Series, the world's lowest profile 0.4 mm supercapacitor. The product is for peak power assist, as required in wearables applications and various other devices. Production starts in ...
    News » Murata » DMHA14R5V353M4ATA0

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