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Datasheet Analog Devices OP177FSZ-REEL

Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Part Number:OP177FSZ-REEL

Ultraprecision Operational Amplifier


Manufacturer's Classification

Amplifiers > High Voltage Amplifiers ≥12V > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Zero-Drift Amplifiers

Other Names: OP177FSZREEL, OP177FSZ REEL

Ultraprecision Operational Amplifier
OP177 Data Sheet PIN CONFIGURATION Ultralow offset voltage
TA = 25°C, 25 μV maximum
Outstanding offset voltage drift 0.3 μV/°C maximum
Excellent open-loop gain and gain linearity
12 V/μV typical
CMRR: 130 dB minimum
PSRR: 115 dB minimum
Low supply current 2.0 mA maximum
Fits industry-standard precision operational amplifier
sockets VOS TRIM 1 OP177 –IN 2
+IN 3
V– 4 8 VOS TRIM 7 V+ 6 OUT
5 NC
(Not to Scale) NC = NO CONNECT 00289-001 FEATURES Figure 1. 8-Lead PDIP (P-Suffix),
8-Lead SOIC...

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