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Datasheet Analog Devices OP177GSZ-REEL7

Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Part Number:OP177GSZ-REEL7

Ultraprecision Operational Amplifier


Manufacturer's Classification

Amplifiers > High Voltage Amplifiers ≥12V > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Zero-Drift Amplifiers

Other Names: OP177GSZREEL7, OP177GSZ REEL7

Ultraprecision Operational Amplifier
OP177 Data Sheet PIN CONFIGURATION Ultralow offset voltage
TA = 25°C, 25 μV maximum
Outstanding offset voltage drift 0.3 μV/°C maximum
Excellent open-loop gain and gain linearity
12 V/μV typical
CMRR: 130 dB minimum
PSRR: 115 dB minimum
Low supply current 2.0 mA maximum
Fits industry-standard precision operational amplifier
sockets VOS TRIM 1 OP177 –IN 2
+IN 3
V– 4 8 VOS TRIM 7 V+ 6 OUT
5 NC
(Not to Scale) NC = NO CONNECT 00289-001 FEATURES Figure 1. 8-Lead PDIP (P-Suffix),
This low noise, bipolar input operational amplifier is also a cost
effective alternative to chopper-stabilized amplifiers. The OP177
provides chopper-type performance without the usual problems
of high noise, low frequency chopper spikes, large physical size,
limited common-mode input voltage range, and bulky external
storage capacitors. The OP177 features one of the highest precision performance of
any operational amplifier currently available. Offset voltage of the
OP177 is only 25 μV maximum at room temperature. The ultralow
VOS of the OP177 combines with the exceptional offset voltage
drift (TCVOS) of 0.3 μV/°C maximum to eliminate the need for
external VOS adjustment and increases system accuracy over
temperature. The OP177 is offered in the ...

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