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Search results: 345   Output: 101-110
  1. MiniLA is a project of simple and cheap logic analyzer designed for amateur and semi-professional work. Features: Up to 32 channels 128 Kb of memory for each channel Sampling rate up to 100 MHz (timebase in 1-2-5 sequence) External clock input ...
  2. Part 1 - Specifications and Schematic The data is recorded as the Comma Separate Value (CSV) file to the SD/MMC memory card. The interval between sample is programmable from 10 secs to 60 mins. The optional digital input signal, pulse, and ...
  3. Build a lab-grade data logger with PIC microcontrolller and a 20-bit delta-sigma converter. A new design of a lab-grade data logger has been developed using a PIC microcontroller and a 20-bit delta-sigma converter. The data logger provides ...
    Circuits » Automation · Measurement · Microcontrollers usage » PIC18F45K20, LTC2420
  4. Jordan Dimitrov, Toronto, ON, Canada Design Idea reveals a VFC (voltage-to-frequency converter) circuit that provides good performance at a low price. You can obtain all of the parts for a few dollars from a local electronics shop. Figure 1. Three ...
  5. John Lo Giudice, STMicroelectronics Eliminating excess noise from an oscilloscope probe yields better measurements You must minimize noise when measuring ripple in power rails because the ripple’s amplitude can be low. Oscilloscope probes are ...
  6. Zoltan Gingl, Katalin Kopasz, Hungary Cornell University Abstract A very low-cost, easy-to-make stopwatch is presented to support various experiments in mechanics. The high-resolution stopwatch is based on two photodetectors connected directly to ...
  7. This project describes an easy and inexpensive way of adding a digital thermometer and data logging feature to a PC. It involves a PIC microcontroller that gets the surrounding temperature information from the Microchip MCP9701 sensor, and sends it ...
  8. Vassilis Serasidis Introduction This mini Logic analyzer is a tool for you to watch on LCD the logic transitions 0 or 1 of a digital data signal. A digital data signal can be found on the output pin of TSOP-1736 Infrared Receiver, on the Transmit ...
  9. Charalampos / Haris Andrianakis, Greece Introduction I designed this version in the need of a thermometer for my room, built in a small pack and easy to control. The hardware is designed on a way so that the pcb can be wall mounted. At the top side ...
  10. Part 1 - Features, Schematic and Demonstration Seeeduino Description Seeeduino is Arduino compatible board based on Atmel AVR ATmega328. Its design is based on Diecimila scheme, 100% compatible to its existing program, shield and IDEs. On the ...

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