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  1. All waveforms, no matter what you scribble or observe in the universe, are actually just the sum of simple sinusoids of different frequencies. Hi, I am just refreshing the basics of fourier transform. I am not an expert. Now I did a small audio ...
  2. Part 1 Description and Schematic Part 2 Firmware and Sowtware Assembly Because the circuit was so simple I took the easy way out and assembled it on a piece of veroboard. Nowadays I would design my own printed circuit board (see custom PCBs). ...
  3. Have you ever wondered exactly what is going on in the 2.4GHz WiFi and ISM band around your house. What channel is it best to set your wireless router to? Why are you getting such poor performance across your WiFi network? Is your neighbour on the ...
  4. Part 1 - Schematic Firmware Firmware was written in VHDL. Producer of the CPLD provides free development tools. For further informations check Xilinx website ISE WebPACK, ModelSim XE. Although used FPGA XC95288XL is the biggest from the CPLD XL ...
  5. I needed a couple of AA batteries and found the display at the supermarket where they were all arrayed. Normally when I’m shopping in the supermarket, I tend to look at the price/kg or price/l when comparing similar products. In the case of ...
  6. I needed thermostat control for my countryhouse that would be precise at low temperatures, so that I can keep the temperature above freezing while I am not there. The winter here is long and cold, so heating more than absolutely necessary makes ...
  7. MiniLA is a project of simple and cheap logic analyzer designed for amateur and semi-professional work. Features: Up to 32 channels 128 Kb of memory for each channel Sampling rate up to 100 MHz (timebase in 1-2-5 sequence) External clock input ...
  8. Part 1 - Specifications and Schematic The data is recorded as the Comma Separate Value (CSV) file to the SD/MMC memory card. The interval between sample is programmable from 10 secs to 60 mins. The optional digital input signal, pulse, and ...
  9. Build a lab-grade data logger with PIC microcontrolller and a 20-bit delta-sigma converter. A new design of a lab-grade data logger has been developed using a PIC microcontroller and a 20-bit delta-sigma converter. The data logger provides ...
    Circuits » Automation · Measurement · Microcontrollers usage » PIC18F45K20, LTC2420
  10. Jordan Dimitrov, Toronto, ON, Canada Design Idea reveals a VFC (voltage-to-frequency converter) circuit that provides good performance at a low price. You can obtain all of the parts for a few dollars from a local electronics shop. Figure 1. Three ...

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