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  1. Fran Hoffart, Linear Technology Design Note 491 Introduction Advances in low power electronics now allow placement of battery-powered sensors and other devices in locations far from the power grid. Ideally, for true grid independence, the batteries ...
    Circuits » Supply · Power · Solar » Linear Technology » LTC3105, LTC4071
  2. Poonam Deshpande Electronic Design A basic combination of a photovoltaic panel, multiple LEDs, and a small dc-dc regulator can provide light in dark corners while also offering a modest auxiliary dc-power rail. A solar-powered, daytime-only lamp ...
    Circuits » Supply · Radio · Light · Solar » ON Semiconductor » MC34063
  3. Sajjad Haidar EDN Any PN junction diode can be used as a variable capacitor in reverse biased mode, as well as in the forward biased mode before the knee voltage. The capacitance is usually very small as the junction size is small. Though the ...
  4. Application Report SLUA629A January 2012 Karthik Kadirvel and John Carpenter Battery Charge Management Ambient light sensors have become very common in portable electronics to adjust the brightness of the screen. These sensors automatically ...
  5. Marian Stofka EDN The bq25504 from Texas Instruments is a good candidate to become a milestone on the road to micro-power management and energy harvesting. A prominent feature of this IC is its ability to start up at a supply voltage as low as 330 ...
  6. George Woolcott Many battery-powered applications use very little power when idle and have short-duration operating periods. Thus, the total energy used is very small. It would be convenient to incorporate solar cells in these devices to charge the ...
  7. Giovanni Romeo The performance of solar-powered electronic devices may suffer in twilight conditions. In particular, microprocessors often used to perform solar power conditioning (such as in maximum-power-point trackers) do not like unstable power ...
  8. Charles Wenzel This little gadget uses a small 3 volt solar cell to charge a 6 volt NiCad battery pack which, in turn, may be used to charge many models of cell phones and other portable devices. The circuit scavenges energy from the solar cell by ...
  9. Wichit Sirichote The device used for measuring daily insolation has been developed. The device was built with a PIC18F458 and the 128MB Multimedia Memory Card, MMC. The solar radiation is measured by a calculator solar cell. The PIC chip interfaces ...
  10. Solar panel regulators come in many flavors. The plainest flavor is the simple on-off type shunt regulator. It has the advantage of simplicity, extremely small power dissipation, low cost, high reliability, but in exchange for these advantages one ...
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