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  1. Introduction This device allows solar cell arrays to be connected to either conventional lead-acid, sealed lead-acid, or lithium storage batteries without fear of overcharging. It allows two different electrical loads to be driven from the ...
  2. Forrest Cook Introduction This circuit is for a solar powered white LED with automatic activation in the dark. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor night light applications. For indoor uses, if the circuit is operated near another lamp, it ...
  3. T.K. Hareendran This Outdoor LED Solar Garden Lights project is a hobby circuit of an automatic garden light using a LDR and 6V/5W solar panel. During day time, the internal rechargeable 6 Volt SLA battery receives charging current from the ...
  4. D. Mohankumar Here is an Energy saving battery charger. It harvests solar energy to replenish 12 volt Inverter battery. It has auto cut off facility to stop charging when the battery attains full charge. The charger uses a 24 volt solar panel as ...
  5. Francois DRUILHE - francois.druilhe The purpose of this project is to develop a self sufficient Mailbox (real one) that will be powered only by the sun and that will display the number of the house, but only in accordance with the battery ...
  6. G. Forrest Cook September 26, 2006 Last modified: February 18, 2008 Introduction When connecting a solar panel to a rechargeable battery, it is usually necessary to use a charge controller circuit to prevent the battery from overcharging. Charge ...
  7. Mark McLean To keep the lights on and the camera going I have a multi-purpose battery charger. This contains around 24 Wh of energy storage in eleven NiMh AA cells and circuitry to charge my laptop, satellite phone, mobile phone, camera battery and ...
  8. A system that receives its power from a renewable-energy source, such as a photovoltaic panel or a wind-driven generator, typically accumulates power in a rechargeable battery and delivers it to a load. Often, both processes occur simultaneously. ...
  9. Create a cheap and green solar heater for less than $10. All you need is foam board, lots of pennies, black spray paint, and plexiglass. The assembled product should be placed next to a window and can increase the room temperature by a minimum of ...
  10. Dead batteries are the scourge of cellphone jockeys and iPod people everywhere. But you can avoid volt loss by charging your gadgets while you carry them. Just equip an old messenger bag with a lightweight, weather-proof solar panel, a simple ...
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