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  1. Chee Hua How, TDK Malaysia Electronic Design Bench evaluation of transistors’ h FE may be needed during development of a system to ensure reliability of production systems. This circuit permits such testing using pulsed current and the ...
  2. Karen Hunsberger Electronic Design This frequency upconverter circuit is a simple alternative to doing period measurement or accepting long latency when measuring very low frequencies, on the order of one to 100 Hz. Engineers occasionally need to ...
    Circuits » Measurement · Digital » Texas Instruments » CD4089B, SN7497
  3. A Hunt EDN When I was recently debugging a design, I discovered that a short circuit existed from a ground plane to a power plane. I did not have access to a milliohmmeter or an equivalent tester for locating this type of short circuit. So, I ...
  4. Arash Ushani EDN As a professional engineer, I'm often overworked and stressed. When I need a break I sometimes sit at my desk and play with waves. I enjoy creating and viewing signals in different forms, signals of all shapes and sizes. It's ...
  5. Adolfo Mondragon EDN Measurement of average power in a 60 Hz circuit (equivalent to V RMS × I RMS × cos(φ)) can be done by sampling the product of voltage and current and averaging. This requires four quadrant multiplication since ...
  6. Steve Hageman EDN Current models of spectrum analyzers routinely offer frequency responses that begin as low as 10 Hz. When you combine them with 1-Hz or narrower band FFT software, expanded low-frequency performance makes the modern spectrum ...
  7. Andrew Russell EDN The circuit in Figure 1a is a low-cost isolation amplifier for instrumentation applications that provides as much as 500 V of galvanic isolation between input and output. The amplifier uses only one small, low-cost transformer ...
    Circuits » Analogue Design · Measurement » NXP » LM385, BAV99
  8. Anatoly Besplemennov EDN This Design Idea utilizes an optical computer mouse's sensor for measuring rotation of a disk which can be mechanically connected to any sort of rotating apparatus. One feature is to allow adjustment of the pulses per ...
    Circuits » Measurement · Computers and Peripherals » PixArt » PAN3101, PAN101B, OM02
  9. Tyler Hutchison and Clarence Mayott, Linear Technology Design Note 1031 Introduction High speed ADCs use a sample and hold input structure comprising a fast CMOS switch and a sampling capacitor. When the CMOS switch closes, the sampling capacitor ...
  10. David Williams EDN The circuit in Figure 1 provides a low-cost, isolated ac-line monitor that measures ac-line-voltage level and has some other unique capabilities. The analysis of the circuit is straightforward: When the ac input, V IN , is ...

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