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  1. Mark Bieger EDN I often have to get a reasonably accurate temperature measurement for a laser, transistor, or printed circuit board. I usually use a thermistor for my temperature sensor because they are inexpensive. However, the thermistor’s ...
  2. James Wood EDN The Design Idea in Figure 1 indicates a low-battery condition in an audio test instrument that is powered by four AA cells. As the instrument was otherwise an all-discrete design, this same approach seemed more in keeping with the ...
  3. Francesc Casanellas EDN This Design Idea presents a very accurate, yet very inexpensive, capacitance meter. It was specifically designed for measurements of low value capacitance with an accuracy of better than 1 pF for a gasoline capacitive level ...
  4. Petre Petrov EDN Many of the sensors capturing information from the world around us are resistive. A few examples are NTC, PTC, LDR, contact sensors. If we convert the resistance of the sensors into frequency or pulse duration, these parameters can ...
  5. Jordan Dimitrov EDN Designers often use VFCs (voltage-to-frequency converters) to perform A-to-D conversion in data acquisition systems that require strict monotonic response, high resolution, reduced noise and moderate speed. The VFC produces a ...
  6. Peter Demchenko, Vilnius, Lithuania EDN This Design Idea shows how to calculate the inductance of a multilayer air-core coil using only its dimensions and resistance. If you know the dimensions and the number of turns on an air-core coil, you can ...
  7. Raju Baddi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Pune, India EDN Part 1 It is sometimes useful to listen to an audio signal at a test-circuit point. The 4069, with its high input impedance and sufficient output drive current of approximately 6.8 ...
  8. Raju Baddi, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research EDN This Design Idea describes a simple way that you can use one hex-inverter package of an unbuffered HD14069UB CMOS (Reference 1) to make four test gadgets: a logic probe with well-defined ...
  9. Application Note AN143 December 2013 Michel Azarian, Will Ezel Presented is a simple model that can be used to accurately predict the level of reference spurs due to charge pump and/or op amp leakage current in a PLL system. Knowing how to predict ...
  10. Raju Baddi EDN This automatic pulse generator (figures 1 and 2) is a test gadget that senses a probed contact to a pair of terminals under test and automatically issues a momentary power pulse to them once proper contact is made. These terminals ...

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