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  1. By Pinkesh Sachde, Linear Technology Introduction Battery-powered electronics poses multiple challenges to the power system engineer. At a theoretical level, the battery related circuitry (before DC/DC conversion) may be divided into four ...
    Power » Linear Technology » LTC4231
  2. Analogue Design · Power » Infineon » IRF9540N
  3. John Betten, Texas Instruments EE Times Applications such as printers, laser-based fiber optic systems, and charged-particle air filtration systems require hundreds or even thousands of volts at low power. Flyback converters and autotransformer ...
    High Voltage · Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LM3481, CSD19538Q3A
  4. Steve Taranovich EDN Digital control inside an on-board power supply facilitates improved efficiency, reduced total cost and advanced system power management. The following is from an Ericsson white paper and is very relevant to Digital Power. ...
  5. Ron Michallik, Texas Instruments Electronic Design This Idea for Design rearranges the schematic and physical layout of an isolated dc-dc converter using a shunt regulator to overcome susceptibility to ESD and electrical overstress. Did you know ...
  6. Arthur Russell, Vicor Corporation EDN There are a variety of reasons why a system designer may want to consider paralleling of DC power supplies. Some of these are related to the bill of materials and logistics issues, others are focused on ...
  7. Freelance Staff Electronic Design Even though gallium-nitride transistors are becoming a more popular solution in terms of power switching, the venerable MOSFET still can be used effectively in current applications. In the wake of gallium-nitride ...
    Discretes · Power » Texas Instruments » UCC27201A
  8. Meng He, Maxim Integrated Application Note 6129 Abstract: Did you know that every 10 C rise in ambient temperature reduces every component’s lifetime by 50%?1 That power supplies with drop-offs or variances can lead to premature failures and ...
  9. By Masayuki Nakagawa, Maxim Integrated Application Note 5346 Abstract: This article discusses the requirements and design considerations for automotive applications, including those for engine control, infotainment, and body electronics. It also ...
    Automotive · Power » Maxim » MAX16833, MAX16946, MAX16948, MAX20003
  10. Chris Glaser, Texas Instruments Electronic Design Small solution sizes and high integration levels are required for extremely space-constrained systems, such as optical modules and solid-state drives (SSDs). While integrated power modules tend to ...
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