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  1. Freelance Staff Electronic Design Even though gallium-nitride transistors are becoming a more popular solution in terms of power switching, the venerable MOSFET still can be used effectively in current applications. In the wake of gallium-nitride ...
    Discretes · Power » Texas Instruments » UCC27201A
  2. Glen Chenier EDN The other day Linda from Purchasing came to me with a problem: Lou from Operations needed to source a replacement for a shorted diode on a switching power supply. The darned thing was marked with a strange part number that no ...
    Discretes · Measurement » Vishay » 1N4002, 1N4148, MUR880, UF4004
  3. Lou Frenzel Electronic Design Now another major vacuum tube product seems poised to fade away: the microwave oven Vacuum tubes disappeared from electronic products years ago. Yet there have been some lingering vacuum tube-based products in ...
    RF · Discretes » Freescale » MHT1003N, MHT1002N
  4. Resettable Circuit Protection for High-Rate-Discharge Li-ion Battery Applications The rapidly expanding market for high-rate-discharge lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries used in applications such as cordless power tools, e-bikes and back-up power ...

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