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  1. Abhishek Gupta Imran Mohammed, Cypress Semiconductor EDN Bluetooth technology has revolutionized wireless communications between devices with its ubiquitous and simple characteristics. It allows devices to communicate without cables while ...
  2. Suzanne Deffree EDN The US Army Signal Corps made the first attempt to touch another celestial body when on January 10, 1946, it bounced radio signals off the moon and received the reflected signals. Dubbed Project Diana for the Roman moon goddess, ...
  3. 22-12-2016
  4. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Part 1 Analysis The plots provide invaluable data on the supply sensitivities at each power pin. VPOS_PLL has the worst power-supply rejection and is therefore the most sensitive power node. This power pin ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  5. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue As more building blocks are added to a radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC), more sources of noise coupling arise, making power management increasingly important. This article describes how ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  6. Kris Lokere, Linear Technology EDN Introduction The “Internet of Things” refers to a growing trend to connect not only people and computers, but all sorts of “things” to the Internet. In applications such as industrial ...
    Sensors · Supply · Wireless · Power · Solar » Linear Technology » LT6654, LTC2484, LTP5901-IPR, LTP5901, LTC3330
  7. Tom Gratzek, Analog Devices EDN Software-defined radio (SDR) is an increasingly viable and important communications system. In principle, it allows a single hardware design to support communications across a variety of formats, protocols, and ...
  8. John Donovan Low-Power Design When I was a boy I loved flying model airplanes. I’d laboriously build them from balsawood kits; cover them with tissue; and add a noisy .049 gas engine. Then I’d go to the neighborhood schoolyard and get ...
  9. Lou Frenzel Electronic Design Wireless networks originate from an array of wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi 802.11, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, WirelessHART/Dust Networks, ISA 100a, multiple versions of 802.15.4, and a mix of ISM-band-based ...
  10. Michael Dunn EDN I'm not into cars to such an extent that I have an OBD-II analyzer in my toolkit. But when I discovered Chinese sources for $9-$20 USB Bluetooth adapters, I couldn't say no. Actually, my search for OBD capability was inspired by a ...
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