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  1. Daniel E. Fague, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Abstract High speed data converters have been used in communications applications for many years and can be found in much of the equipment that forms the basis of our connected world, from cellular ...
    ADC, DAC · Radio » Analog Devices » AD9161, AD9162, AD9163, AD9164
  2. Paul Blanchard and Brian Pelletier, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue When external overvoltage conditions are applied to an amplifier, ESD diodes are the last line of defense between your amplifier and electrical over stress. With proper ...
    Amplifiers » Analog Devices » AD8221, AD8226, AD8250, AD8417, AD8418, AD8479
  3. By Gustavo Castro and Scott Hunt, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Instrumentation amplifiers (in-amps) can condition the electrical signals generated by sensors, allowing them to be digitized, stored, or used to control processes. The signal is ...
    Analogue Design · Measurement » Analog Devices » AD5601, AD7091, AD8237, AD8420, AD8505
  4. Darwin Tolentino and Sandro Herrera, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Differential signaling finds useful application in circuits where a large signal-to-noise ratio, high immunity to noise, and lower second harmonic distortion are desired, such as ...
    Analogue Design » Analog Devices » ADA4940, ADA4950, AD8476, OP1177
  5. Gustavo Castro, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Question: Why is the effect of common-mode signals at the output larger than the CMRR specification? Answer: The concept of common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR) is fundamental when working with ...
    Amplifiers · Analogue Design » Analog Devices » AD8422, AD8428
  6. By Moshe Gerstenhaber, Rayal Johnson, and Scott Hunt, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Introduction Building a voltage measurement system with nanovolt sensitivity presents many design challenges. The best available op amps, such as the ultralow ...
  7. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Part 1 Analysis The plots provide invaluable data on the supply sensitivities at each power pin. VPOS_PLL has the worst power-supply rejection and is therefore the most sensitive power node. This power pin ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  8. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue As more building blocks are added to a radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC), more sources of noise coupling arise, making power management increasingly important. This article describes how ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  9. Alan Walsh, Analog Devices EDN A common issue that arises when designing an ADC circuit is how to protect the ADC inputs from over voltage. Protection of ADC inputs have many scenarios and potential solutions. ADCs from all vendors have similar ...
  10. Umesh Jayamohan, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Introduction The design of the input, or front end, of any high-performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC), especially an RF-sampling ADC, is critical to achieving the desired system-level ...
    RF · ADC, DAC » Analog Devices » AD9625, AD9680
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