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  1. Sam Davis Power Electronics What do horse racing and engineering have in common? The answer is “Nyquist.” Nyquist, the horse, recently won the Kentucky Derby, although he didn’t win his next race, The Preakness Stakes. Nyquist, ...
  2. Arthur Russell, Vicor Corporation EDN There are a variety of reasons why a system designer may want to consider paralleling of DC power supplies. Some of these are related to the bill of materials and logistics issues, others are focused on ...
  3. Alexandru Voica ECN In the 2015 we’ve seen unprecedented consolidation in the technology market. The story that perhaps best defined 2015 was Dell acquiring EMC for a whopping $67 billion, making it one of the biggest buys in the history of ...
  4. Anwar Sadat, Ph.D., Texas Instruments Incorporate USB Type-C into an existing platform at minimal cost while using just one device. The USB Type-C or USB-C connector interface offers a reversible cable, and a flippable plug, with power delivery of ...
  5. Jessica MacNeil EDN Alan Turing was the father of computer science and his Turing machine laid the groundwork for the modern computer. Born in London on June 23, 1912, the mathematician and scientist took an interest in both subjects early on. He ...
  6. Brandt Braswell EE Times I know there have been many advances in software development for use in design projects. The digital design landscape has permanently been altered by the use of sophisticated software tools for use in design. Design tasks ...
  7. Thomas Mosteller, Aaron Schultz, Linear Technology Electronic Design A simple op amp clipping circuit can limit input-voltage excursions into an ADC, thus preventing input overload and possible damage to the converter. It can be a challenge to ...
    ADC, DAC · Analogue Design » Linear Technology » LT6015, LT6016, LT6017
  8. Freelance Staff Electronic Design Even though gallium-nitride transistors are becoming a more popular solution in terms of power switching, the venerable MOSFET still can be used effectively in current applications. In the wake of gallium-nitride ...
    Discretes · Power » Texas Instruments » UCC27201A
  9. Dexter Johnson IEEE Spectrum Whether they’re for sensors in artificial skin that demands flexibility or for wearable electronics where the circuits must withstand our sweat, silicon-based chips aren’t always up to the task. Now, an ...
  10. 22-12-2016
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