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  1. Bill Schweber EDN The other day, while juggling a pile of recorded and blank videotapes for my VCR (please, no snickering that I still use a VCR!) I realized that what I would really like is a video recorder that combines the virtues of removable ...
  2. By Christopher Rush Digi-Key Just over 2 years ago the Raspberry Pi foundation launched the original Compute Module (CM1), which was based around the same BCM2835 processor of the original Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi Foundation launched this ...
    MCU open-source platforms » Raspberry Pi Foundation » Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3
  3. By Todd Toporski, Texas Instruments Analog Applications Journal Part 1 Enhancing immunity to RFI and other high-frequency EMI As shown in previous sections, active filtering and CMRR can reliably reduce circuit noise in the device’s ...
  4. By Todd Toporski, Texas Instruments Analog Applications Journal Introduction Automotive, industrial, medical, and many other applications use sensitive analog circuits that must perform their function while remaining immune to noise disturbances in ...
  5. Barry Hoberman Electronic Design Among the next-generation memory technologies, spin-torque MRAM holds great promise due to its persistence, speed, and cost-effectiveness, but misconceptions surround it nonetheless Spin-torque magnetoresistive ...
  6. Analogue Design · Power » Infineon » IRF9540N
  7. Deepti Mani A finite state machine is one of the most popular design patterns in embedded systems. Many applications from simple home appliances to complex communication systems implement event based state machines. The finite state ...
  8. Paul Blanchard and Brian Pelletier, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue When external overvoltage conditions are applied to an amplifier, ESD diodes are the last line of defense between your amplifier and electrical over stress. With proper ...
    Amplifiers » Analog Devices » AD8221, AD8226, AD8250, AD8417, AD8418, AD8479
  9. Brian Dipert EDN Back in May 2016, EDN published my teardown of Cheerson's $10 CX-10 quadrotor drone [ 1 ]. More recently, you saw my dissection and analysis of its $15 CX-10C sibling, with an integrated still and video camera that captured ...
  10. Abhishek Gupta Imran Mohammed, Cypress Semiconductor EDN Bluetooth technology has revolutionized wireless communications between devices with its ubiquitous and simple characteristics. It allows devices to communicate without cables while ...
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