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  1. Christopher Dean, Texas Instruments Electronic Design By adding a digital potentiometer and ratiometric division to a voltage-reference IC's feedback loop, you can set the reference's output voltage using a digital code. Adjustable voltage ...
    Interfaces · Supply · Microcontrollers usage » Texas Instruments » LM4041, TLV431, TPL0102
  2. Arthur Russell, Vicor Corporation EDN There are a variety of reasons why a system designer may want to consider paralleling of DC power supplies. Some of these are related to the bill of materials and logistics issues, others are focused on ...
  3. Battery University Discover what causes Li-ion to age and what the battery user can do to prolong its life. Battery research is focusing on lithium chemistries so much that one could imagine that the battery future lies solely in lithium. There are ...
  4. Steve Taranovich EDN Any hobbyist can charge a battery quickly, but can you do it without an explosion, excessive heating or major degradation in battery cycle life? Well many companies have managed fast charging techniques that typically use ...
  5. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Part 1 Analysis The plots provide invaluable data on the supply sensitivities at each power pin. VPOS_PLL has the worst power-supply rejection and is therefore the most sensitive power node. This power pin ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  6. By Qui Luu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue As more building blocks are added to a radio-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC), more sources of noise coupling arise, making power management increasingly important. This article describes how ...
    RF · Supply · Wireless · Power » Analog Devices » ADL5380, ADP121, ADP151, ADP2370, ADP7104, ADRF6720, ADRF6820
  7. Dave Salerno, Linear Technology LT Journal of Analog Innovation Wireless and wired sensor systems are often found in environments rife with ambient energy, ideal for powering the sensors themselves. For instance, energy harvesting can significantly ...
  8. Chris Glaser Electronic Design A new power-conversion method, called automatic efficiency enhancement (AEE), provides higher efficiency with lower output voltages in power supplies for systems such as tablets, servers, and solid-state drives. A ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » TPS62180, TPS62182
  9. NTU Scientists at Nanyang Technology University (NTU) have developed ultra-fast charging batteries that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes. The new generation batteries also have a long lifespan of over 20 years, more than 10 ...
  10. Jess Espiritu, Analog Devices Analog Dialogue Introduction Power-supply sequencing is required for microcontrollers, FPGAs, DSPs, ADCs, and other devices that operate from multiple voltage rails. These applications typically require that the core ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » ADM1184, ADM1186, ADP5034, ADP5134
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