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  1. By Todd Toporski, Texas Instruments Analog Applications Journal Part 1 Enhancing immunity to RFI and other high-frequency EMI As shown in previous sections, active filtering and CMRR can reliably reduce circuit noise in the device’s ...
  2. By Todd Toporski, Texas Instruments Analog Applications Journal Introduction Automotive, industrial, medical, and many other applications use sensitive analog circuits that must perform their function while remaining immune to noise disturbances in ...
  3. John Betten, Texas Instruments EE Times Applications such as printers, laser-based fiber optic systems, and charged-particle air filtration systems require hundreds or even thousands of volts at low power. Flyback converters and autotransformer ...
    High Voltage · Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LM3481, CSD19538Q3A
  4. Ron Michallik, Texas Instruments Electronic Design This Idea for Design rearranges the schematic and physical layout of an isolated dc-dc converter using a shunt regulator to overcome susceptibility to ESD and electrical overstress. Did you know ...
  5. Xiyao Zhang, Texas Instruments Early in my graduate school education, I was working on a project that needed a unity-gain operational-amplifier (op-amp) buffer for a monitoring circuit in our thin film deposition system. As soon as the new module ...
    Amplifiers · Analogue Design » Texas Instruments » THS4281, OPA836, OPA2836
  6. Christopher Dean, Texas Instruments Electronic Design By adding a digital potentiometer and ratiometric division to a voltage-reference IC's feedback loop, you can set the reference's output voltage using a digital code. Adjustable voltage ...
    Interfaces · Supply · Microcontrollers usage » Texas Instruments » LM4041, TLV431, TPL0102
  7. Anwar Sadat, Ph.D., Texas Instruments Incorporate USB Type-C into an existing platform at minimal cost while using just one device. The USB Type-C or USB-C connector interface offers a reversible cable, and a flippable plug, with power delivery of ...
  8. Freelance Staff Electronic Design Even though gallium-nitride transistors are becoming a more popular solution in terms of power switching, the venerable MOSFET still can be used effectively in current applications. In the wake of gallium-nitride ...
    Discretes · Power » Texas Instruments » UCC27201A
  9. Chris Glaser, Texas Instruments Electronic Design The thermoelectric cooler that stabilizes the temperature of a laser diode needs a special power-supply configuration, which is provided by this simple circuit. A most critical device in an optical ...
  10. Chris Glaser Electronic Design A new power-conversion method, called automatic efficiency enhancement (AEE), provides higher efficiency with lower output voltages in power supplies for systems such as tablets, servers, and solid-state drives. A ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » TPS62180, TPS62182
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