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  1. Paul Rako EDN If you have high-powered LEDS, or a power supply, or are trying to control larger motors, you have to get a lot of heat out of your circuit boards. The classic way to dissipate heat is to bolt your power transistor to an aluminum heat ...
  2. Thomas Mosteller, Aaron Schultz, Linear Technology Electronic Design A simple op amp clipping circuit can limit input-voltage excursions into an ADC, thus preventing input overload and possible damage to the converter. It can be a challenge to ...
    ADC, DAC · Analogue Design » Linear Technology » LT6015, LT6016, LT6017
  3. Steve Taranovich EDN Part 1. Linear's corporate environment EDN: Other companies envy your profitability. Numerous financial journals have commented on that, as well. The corporate environment that you have created seems like an obvious way to have ...
  4. Steve Taranovich EDN I recently visited with the 2015 UBM ACE Awards Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, Linear Technology’s Bob Swanson, chairman of the board, and Bob Dobkin, CTO. These men are an important part of the early days of ...
  5. Mitchell Lee, Linear Technology LT Journal of Analog Innovation The LTC2983 solves the unique problems presented by all standard temperature sensors to produce unmatched conformity and ease-of-use. Temperature measurement is not new. Galileo ...
  6. Jim Williams, Linear Technology Application Note 120, Appendix A People have been converting digital-to-analog quantities for a long time. Probably among the earliest uses was the summing of calibrated weights (Figure A1, left) in weighing ...
  7. Dave Salerno, Linear Technology LT Journal of Analog Innovation Wireless and wired sensor systems are often found in environments rife with ambient energy, ideal for powering the sensors themselves. For instance, energy harvesting can significantly ...
  8. Glen Brisebois, Linear Technology Design Note 533 Introduction Linear Technology’s Over-The-Top® op amps have an input stage topology that allows them to operate closed loop well above the positive supply rail. The inputs remain high ...
    Analogue Design · High Voltage · Measurement » Linear Technology » LT6015, LT6016, LT6017
  9. Kris Lokere, Linear Technology EDN Introduction The “Internet of Things” refers to a growing trend to connect not only people and computers, but all sorts of “things” to the Internet. In applications such as industrial ...
    Sensors · Supply · Wireless · Power · Solar » Linear Technology » LT6654, LTC2484, LTP5901-IPR, LTP5901, LTC3330
  10. Harvest Energy from a Single Photovoltaic Cell. Part 1 Nathan Bourgoine, Linear Technology CHOOSING THE MAXIMUM POWER POINT CONTROL VOLTAGE Figure 4 shows a model of the maximum power point control mechanism used by the LTC3105. Figure 3 shows the ...
    Power · Solar » Linear Technology » LTC3105
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