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  1. Leverage WLCSP package sizes on TI's FRAM-based MSP430™ MCUs to optimize board space, reduce product size and save power Enabling developers to save valuable board space, Texas Instruments announced it has expanded the availability of tiny ...
    Microcontrollers » Texas Instruments » MSP430FR5738, MSP430F51x2
  2. TI clock buffers, combined with new WEBENCH® tool, simplify clock tree design Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a pair of 4-output and 8-output high-speed current steering logic (HCSL) clock fanout buffers that support PCI Express (PCIe) Gen-1, ...
    Electronic components » Texas Instruments » LMK00334, LMK00338
  3. New mid-voltage power MOSFETs include lowest on-resistance 80-V and 100-V devices in TO-220 packages Expanding its popular NexFET portfolio, Texas Instruments introduced 14 power MOSFETs in TO-220 and SON packages that support input voltages from ...
    Discretes · Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » CSD19506, CSD19536
  4. SIMPLE SWITCHER® nano power regulator delivers 94.6-percent peak efficiency in 30-mm 2 footprint Texas Instruments introduced the industry's smallest 12-V, 750-mA DC/DC power regulator. The SIMPLE SWITCHER® regulator features high ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » LMR22007
  5. Integrated WPC 1.1-compliant controller cuts component count in half, gives smartphone users greater flexibility to charge from 5-V or 12-V charging stations Texas Instruments (TI) introduced its next-generation wireless power transfer circuit with ...
    Supply · Wireless · Power » Texas Instruments » bq500412
  6. TI's 36-V rail-to-rail input/output op amp combines low offset and drift with fast settling to improve precision ADC performance Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first 36-V rail-to-rail input and output (RRIO) operational amplifier ...
  7. Efficient, high-performance sensorless field-oriented-control (FOC) motor design is easy and affordable with TI's C2000 InstaSPIN-FOC LaunchPad and DRV8301motor drive BoosterPack Adding to the popular, low-cost TI MCU LaunchPad evaluation kit ...
    Drivers · Microcontrollers · Power » Texas Instruments » LAUNCHXL-F28027F, BOOSTXL-DRV8301
  8. TI's 7-W amplifier in small QFN package produces louder, clearer sound Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a Class-D stereo amplifier that produces size-defying sound for ultrabooks, Bluetooth® speakers, and tablet and ultrabook docking stations. ...
  9. New TI power harvesters and step-down converters extract and manage the lowest amount of power available from light, thermal and vibration sources Texas Instruments introduced five new next-generation power management integrated circuits that ...
    Supply · Power » Texas Instruments » bq25570, bq25505, TPS62740, TPS62737, TPS62736
  10. AC switched matrix technique replaces flyback, buck and boost converters Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first floating switch architecture that simplifies the offline linear drive of LEDs in lamps, downlights and fixtures. The AC ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Texas Instruments » TPS92411
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