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  1. Graham Prophet EDN-Europe Continuing to drive innovation in USB technology, FTDI Chip has now introduced a series of USB 3.0 UVC class bridge ICs. The company’s FT602 devices support the streaming of video content from high definition camera ...
    Interfaces » FTDI » FT602
  2. Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTM2887 , a 6-channel SPI/Digital or I 2 C uModule® isolator with dual rail regulated power that targets low voltage components, including newer DSPs and microprocessors. Two well-regulated ...
  3. Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LTM2893 and LTM2895 , SPI (serial peripheral interface) uModule® isolators, optimized for Linear Technology’s extensive family of high performance data converters. The LTM2893 and LTM2895 ...
    ADC, DAC · Interfaces » Linear Technology » LTM2893, LTM2895
  4. Analog Devices announced the industry's first RS-485 transceivers fully certified for Level 4 EMC surge protection, thus eliminating the need for external transient-voltage surge-suppression devices. The galvanically isolated ADM2795E , using ...
    Interfaces » Analog Devices » ADM2795E, ADM3095E
  5. Features low 180 µA supply current at 3.3 V with current shutdown mode reducing consumption to less than 2 µA Offers up to 20 Mbps data rate, fast propagation delay and excellent package-to-package skew times for improved operation in ...
    Interfaces » Exar » XR33193, XR33194, XR33195
  6. The TClamp2472S expands Semtech’s TransClamp® platform; enhances system robustness and guards circuits from destructive overvoltage transient threats Semtech Corporation announced the TClamp2472S , a versatile two-line, low-capacitance ...
    Interfaces » Semtech » TClamp2472S
  7. Vishay Intertechnology released a new 4-line ESD protection array for portable electronics in the ultra-compact chip-level CLP1007-5L package. Offering an extreme size reduction over previous-generation components without sacrificing performance, ...
    Discretes · Interfaces » Vishay » VBUS54FD-SD1
  8. Feature low 100 mA and 167 mA supply current (4-port and 7-port) with all ports active Industry's smallest pin-count and footprint options for USB 2.0 seven and four port hubs Exar Corporation announced a family of USB 2.0 hubs that consume the ...
    Interfaces » Exar » XR22404, XR22417
  9. Supports broader range of RS-232 peripherals with wide 10 V RS-232 driver output Reduces component count and saves board space as a result of integrated cable termination Supports full DB9 RS-232 or RS-485/RS-422 serial protocols from one IC Exar ...
    Interfaces » Exar » XR34350
  10. The uClamp2417P 24V, surge-rated TVS protection array enables customers to exceed current industry ESD immunity standards Semtech Corporation announced the uClamp2417P , a 7-line surge-rated, 24 V transient protection array for broad use in ...
    Interfaces » Semtech » ΜClamp2417P
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