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  1. TI's four-channel amplifier delivers high-resolution audio quality in the smallest footprint Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the first 2.1-MHz Class-D audio amplifier specifically designed for automotive applications. Supporting ...
  2. VLSI Solution announces the VS1010 MP3 Audio DSP Microcontroller, a versatile and highly integrated all-in-one system-on-a-chip. VS1010 is a highly integrated and cost-efficient MP3 player System-on-a-Chip, expected to cost less than 2 US$ in ...
  3. Linear Integrated Systems (LIS) announces the immediate availability of its LSJ689 , a 1.8 nV/Hz @ 1 kHz, low-capacitance, monolithic dual P-Channel JFET. The LSJ689 is a P-Channel complement to our monolithic dual N-Channel JFET, the LSK489 . This ...
  4. The IS206X Family of SoC Devices Delivers Superior Sound Quality in High-End Headsets, Speakers, and Sound Bars Microchip Technology announces the next generation of dual-mode Bluetooth audio products. The IS206X family builds on Microchip’s ...
    Audio · Wireless » Microchip » IS2062GM, IS2063GM, IS2064GM, BM62SPKA1MC2-0001AA, BM62SPKS1MC2-0001AA, BM63SPKA1MGA-0001AC, BM64SPKA1MC2-0001AA, BM64SPKS1MC2-0001AA0001AA, BM64SPKA1MC1-0001AA0001AA, BM64SPKS1MC1-0001AA0001AA0001AA
  5. Diodes Incorporated announced the 74LVC1G3157 . This single-pole, double-throw analog switch is designed for multiplexing digital or analog signals. Its low on-state resistance ensures high integrity when routing audio signals, making this ...
    Electronic components · Audio » Diodes » 74LVC1G3157
  6. THAT1580 improves price-performance ratio for differential microphone preamplifier applications THAT Corporation announced the availability of the THAT1580 a high performance current-feedback amplifier using THAT’s “deconstructed” ...
    Amplifiers · Audio » THAT » THAT1580
  7. Toshiba Corporation 's announced the launch of TCB501HQ , a 4-channel power amplifier IC that detects output offset voltage that is a factor in speaker burnout. Mass production is scheduled to start in June 2016. The new IC integrates a newly ...
    Amplifiers · Audio » Toshiba » TCB501HQ
  8. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new 1.4 mm by 1.8 mm miniQFN10 package with an ultra-thin 0.35 mm profile, providing a space-saving alternative to larger miniQFN10 and WCSP devices commonly used in portable applications. The new Vishay ...
    Electronic components · Audio » Vishay » DG2592, DG2750
  9. There is an increasing need for high-resolution audio playback in the automotive industry but system power consumption targets are being reduced. This factor is limiting the D/A converter power supply to 3.3 V. Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation ...
    ADC, DAC · Automotive · Auto-Audio · Audio » AKM » AK4436, AK4438
  10. Lowest distortion and noise, high linear output current, and low power push the boundaries for professional and portable audio Texas Instruments (TI) introduced an audio operational amplifier (op amp) that sets the latest standard in audio ...
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