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  1. MAX77650 and MAX77651 with single inductor multi-output regulator and charger are optimized for small Li-ion batteries Designers of Bluetooth® headphones, activity monitors, smart garments, smartwatches, and other size-constrained devices can ...
    Supply » Maxim » MAX77650, MAX77651
  2. MAX17222, which features 300 nA IQ and 95% peak efficiency, reduces solution size by up to 50% With the industry's highest efficiency and lowest quiescent current (IQ) of only 300 nA, the MAX17222 nanoPower boost regulator from Maxim Integrated ...
    Supply · Power » Maxim » MAX17222
  3. First IC to perform MPPT in volume production with top PV module manufacturers New cell-string optimizer technology from Maxim Integrated Products , Inc. allows photovoltaic (PV) panels to harvest significantly more energy and simplifies design ...
  4. Highly secure coprocessor supports Arduino and ARM mbed platforms, assures easy prototyping Addressing the many issues related to system security in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) installations, the MAXREFDES143 embedded security reference ...
    Sensors · Microcontrollers » Maxim » MAXREFDES143
  5. Maxim Integrated's SC2200 dual-path RFPAL significantly improves system efficiency of base stations. Designers can now achieve lower power, cost, and size of the RF front-end with the SC2200 dual-channel RF power amplifier linearizer (RFPAL) from ...
    RF · Wireless » Maxim » SC2200
  6. Maxim Integrated's low power MAXREFDES82# reference design quickly calculates force and center of mass. Design engineers can now rapidly evaluate and deploy new human-machine interface (HMI) devices using the MAXREFDES82# smart force sensor ...
    Measurement · MCU open-source platforms » Maxim » MAXREFDES82#, MAX11254
  7. Pulse ox and heart rate module offers low power solution for wearable and fitness applications. System designers can speed time to market for wearable and healthcare products with the MAX30102 pulse oximeter and heart rate integrated sensor module ...
    Sensors · Measurement · Medicine » Maxim » MAX30102
  8. Maxim Integrated 's versatile SAR ADC integrates internal reference buffers and designers now get a wider dynamic range with no trade-off in precision, speed, or power. Engineers can achieve the industry's highest resolution and fastest sampling ...
    ADC, DAC » Maxim » MAX11905
  9. Maxim Integrated Products , Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) has won a 2013 Elektra European Electronics Industry Award for Zeus, its highly integrated smart meter system-on-a-chip (SoC). Zeus combines accurate metrology, multiple layers of security and a wide ...
  10. Maxim's single-chip, secure solution reduces design cost and time to market; provides the highest levels of security for trusted devices Maxim Integrated Products announces the latest member of its DeepCover™ security products, the MAX32590 , ...
    Microcontrollers · Security » Maxim » MAX32590
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