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  1. Analog Devices , Inc., which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LTC6432-15, a wideband fully differential amplifier with 15 dB gain, offering linearity of up to +50.3 dBm OIP3 (output thirdorder intercept), very high ...
    Amplifiers » Analog Devices » LTC6432-15
  2. CML Microcircuits is pleased to announce the release of a new range of RF Building Blocks: RF Power Amplifiers. The CMX901 is the first product in its range to be released and is a three-stage wideband, high gain and high efficiency RF power ...
    RF · Amplifiers » CML » CMX901
  3. TI packs precision and high input linearity into a single high-performance device Continuing to set the standard for precision amplifiers, Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the first operational amplifier (op amp) to offer both zero-drift and ...
  4. Linear Technology introduces the LTC6258/59/60 and LTC6261/62/63 , single/dual/quad op amps, extending its line of power efficient, low noise, precision operational amplifiers. These devices are part of a family of power efficient op amps ranging ...
    Amplifiers » Linear Technology » LTC6258, LTC6259, LTC6260, LTC6261, LTC6262, LTC6263
  5. Toshiba Corporation 's Storage Electronic Devices Solutions Company announced the launch of “ TCB502HQ ,” a 4-channel power amplifier IC that detects output offset voltage, a factor in speaker burnout. Mass production starts today. ...
    Amplifiers · Audio » Toshiba » TCB502HQ
  6. Next-generation current sense amplifier features enhanced accuracy for high-end consumer, enterprise computing, communications, and industrial equipment Semtech Corporation announced the availability of a new, high-performance current sense ...
    Supply · Amplifiers · Measurement » Semtech » TS94033
  7. With its tiny 1.2 mm × 1.3 mm outline and typical current of only 900 nA, the TSU111 nano-power op amp from STMicroelectronics helps cut the size and energy needs of analog circuits to the bare minimum in medical monitors, wearable ...
  8. Industry-leading current-shunt monitor improves efficiency and accuracy for motor and solenoid control applications Texas Instruments (TI) introduced a new current-sense amplifier for in-line motor phase current measurement that improves overall ...
  9. TI's four-channel amplifier delivers high-resolution audio quality in the smallest footprint Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the first 2.1-MHz Class-D audio amplifier specifically designed for automotive applications. Supporting ...
  10. New nanopower op amps maximize battery and sensor life Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first precision nanopower operational amplifiers (op amps). The LPV811 and LPV812 consume quiescent current as low as 320 nA and are part of ...
    Amplifiers » Texas Instruments » LPV801, LPV802, LPV811, LPV812
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