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  1. 5.5 V Input, 50 mA Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator with 260 nA Quiescent Current S-85S0A Series The S-85S0A Series introduces own distinctive low power consumption control and COT (Constant On-Time) control, features ultra low current ...
    Supply » SII » S-85S0A
  2. New device supports multiple brushed or stepping motors in a small, efficient package Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of a new 4-channel H-bridge motor driver IC that delivers up to 3.5 A and 40 V. The TB67H452FTG is intended for ...
    Drivers · Power » Toshiba » TB67H452FTG
  3. Trinamic Motion Control presents a new family of optical rotary encoders optimized for stepper motor servos. Driven by a general trend towards energy and cost efficient stepper motor servos replacing DC or BLDC drives, which rely on a gearbox to ...
    Sensors » TMCS-20, TMCS-28, TMCS-40
  4. Murata Manufacturing announces the release of our latest RAIN RFID tag designed for embeddable applications p/n LXMSJZNCMF-198 . This new product has been in production since August 2017. RAIN RFID adoption rates are rising as companies realize its ...
    RF · Wireless » Murata » LXMSJZNCMF-198
  5. Following the successful previous release of its four-electrode AC body fat scale, HT45F75/77 devices, Holtek is now delighted to announce the release of its new eight-electrode AC body fat scale Flash MCUs, the BH66F2650/60 . Eight-electrode body ...
    Microcontrollers · Measurement · Medicine » Holtek » BH66F2650, BH66F2660
  6. Available in Power and Energy Versions, Devices Offer Power Density to 4.1 W h/kg and Capacitance From 15 F to 60 F Vishay Intertechnology announced an extension to its 220 EDLC ENYCAP™ series of electrical double-layer energy storage ...
  7. Three new devices provide an efficient solution for multiple applications Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) announced the launch of three new additions to its line-up of H-bridge driver ICs for DC brushed motors and stepping motors used in mobile ...
    Drivers · Power » Toshiba » TC78H611FNG, TC78H621FNG, TC78H630FNG
  8. The S-5471 Series, developed by using CMOS technology, is a voltage monitoring IC with an ultra-low current consumption. Since the feed-through current in the IC is extremely low, the error can be reduced when the voltage of a power supply with ...
  9. New device includes improved desaturation sensing function Toshiba Electronics Europe announced the launch of a new smart gate driver photocoupler ( TLP5214A ) for driving medium power IGBTs and power MOSFETs. The TLP5214A is intended for multiple ...
    Drivers · Optoelectronics » Toshiba » TLP5214A
  10. Analog Devices , which recently acquired Linear Technology Corporation, announces the LT8362 , a current mode, 2 MHz step-up DC/DC converter with an internal 2 A, 60 V switch. It operates from an input voltage range of 2.8 V to 60 V, suitable for ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » LT8362

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