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  1. Vishay Intertechnology announced that its PLTT precision high-temperature thin film chip resistor is now available in an AEC-Q200 automotive-qualified 0603 case size. Providing a greater than 100 C extension over conventional chip resistors, the ...
    Discretes » Vishay » PLTT
  2. NXP just released three new high voltage transistors, the 600 V PBHV8560Z (NPN), PBHV3160Z and PBHV9560Z (PNP) in the SMD plastic package SOT223. These new types offer high collector current gain h FE at high IC and a saturation voltage down to 50 ...
    Discretes » NXP » PBHV8560Z, PBHV3160Z, PBHV9560Z
  3. Low R(on) Quiet TabTM TPH3205WS enables up to 3 kW high-efficiency inverter designs and titanium class power supplies without the need to parallel transistors. Transphorm Inc. announced at APEC 2015 that it is now offering engineering samples of ...
    Discretes · Power » Transphorm » TPH3205WS
  4. Offered in Tiny CLP0603 Package With Low 0.27 mm Profile, Device Features Capacitance Down to 0.29 pF typ. Vishay Intertechnology released a new bidirectional symmetrical (BiSy) single-line ESD protection diode for portable electronics in the ...
    Discretes » Vishay » VBUS05B1-SD0
  5. NXP extended bipolar transistor offering with ten new high current and high power devices in the LFPAK56 (Power-SO8) package, with V CEO up to 100 V and IC up to 10 A. Delivering DPAK-like thermal and electrical performance in just half the ...
    Discretes · Power » NXP » PHPT60406NY, PHPT60406PY, PHPT60410NY, PHPT60410PY, PHPT60606NY, PHPT60606PY, PHPT61006NY, PHPT61006PY, PHPT61010NY, PHPT61010PY
  6. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new tantalum-cased wet tantalum capacitor with a glass-to-tantalum hermetic seal that is approved to Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) drawing 15005. For avionics and aerospace systems, the device is the industry's ...
    Discretes » Vishay » DLA 15005
  7. Target low-EMI, high-efficiency and high-frequency applications Power Integrations announced a new family of Qspeed™ 150 V diodes. The fastest silicon diodes in the world, Qspeed LQA150 series devices also feature excellent softness for low ...
  8. MICRO FOOT® Device Features Industry's Lowest On-Resistance for a 20 V MOSFET in the 1 mm Square Footprint Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new TrenchFET® 20 V n-channel MOSFET designed to save space, decrease power consumption, and ...
    Discretes » Vishay » Si8410DB, SI8410DB-T2-E1
  9. Vishay Intertechnology released a new 20 V n-channel TrenchFET® power MOSFET in the ultra-compact, thermally enhanced PowerPAK® SC-70 package. Providing increased power density and reliability for portable electronics, the Vishay Siliconix ...
    Discretes · Power » Vishay » SiA466EDJ
  10. Infineon Technologies AG introduced a new class of low saturation voltage V CE(SAT) IGBTs specifically optimized for low switching frequencies ranging from 50 Hz to 20 kHz. These can typically be found in applications such as Uninterruptible Power ...

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