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  1. Diodes Incorporated introduced the BCR420U and BCR421U . These constant-current regulators (CCR) provide a simple means of driving low-power linear LED strips. Target applications are those that benefit from the improved efficiency, flexibility and ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Diodes » BCR420U, BCR421U
  2. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP91352 . This electronic fuse provides protection from fault conditions that could result in catastrophic equipment failure. It targets applications in consumer products such as plug-and-play hard disk drives, ...
    Supply · Power » Diodes » AP91352
  3. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP9234L . Offering a substantial set of protection features, this IC is specifically designed to provide a high-accuracy, single-chip solution for 1-cell lithium-ion (Li+) or lithium-polymer rechargeable battery ...
    Supply · Power » Diodes » AP9234L
  4. 50 V Load Dump Rating with Short-to-Battery Protection Allegro MicroSystems announces a new, AEC-Q100 qualified, linear voltage regulator IC with control, diagnostics, and protection features that address requirements of automotive applications. ...
    Supply » Allegro » A4481
  5. Lucian Armasu Tom's Hardware Ossia, the company behind the Cota 30-foot range wireless charging technology, announced two transmitter and receiver chips developed by the Cairo-based Si-Ware Systems. The transmitter chip is called SWS1410 and the ...
    Supply · Wireless · Power » Ossia · Si-Ware » SWS1410, SWS1420
  6. Manufacturers can Design Highly Efficient and Reliable Power Supplies for Server, Telecom, Industrial, PC and TV Applications Fairchild launched its new FAN7688 , an advanced LLC resonant controller with Synchronous Rectification (SR) that provides ...
    Supply · Power » Fairchild » FAN7688
  7. 5 mF electric double-layer capacitor with a maximum thickness of just 0.45 mm Power source for small e-paper displays and advanced biometric authentication systems On show at CARTES SECURE CONNEXIONS TDK Corporation announces the release of an ...
    Supply » TDK » EDLC041720-050-2F-13
  8. Industry's first zero quiescent current solution for reverse polarity protection in industrial power tool and automotive applications Texas Instruments (TI) introduced the industry's first smart diode controller with zero quiescent current that ...
    Supply · Automotive · Power » Texas Instruments » LM74610-Q1
  9. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AL1678 family of LED Drivers. These devices are well-suited for driving non-dimmable retrofit LED bulbs in general illumination applications that do not require high power factor ( 0.7). Ensuring a low total ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Diodes » AL1678
  10. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP3127/H current-mode PWM controllers. These devices are optimized for quick-charge applications in consumer portable products such as intelligent cell phone chargers and notebook adaptors and deliver a ...
    Supply · Power » Diodes » AP3127, AP3127H

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