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  1. 20-amp DA9312 power management integrated circuit (PMIC) shrinks comparable notebook power design by 50% while delivering an unprecedented 98% efficiency Dialog Semiconductor announces the DA9312, a power management IC that enables the design of ...
    Supply · Power » Dialog » DA9312
  2. Single part covers 0.1 6 µF; pre-certified for safety; safely handles line surges up to 6 kV Power Integrations announced CAPZero™-2 ICs, the next generation of its CAPZero line of innovative, two-terminal, X capacitor discharge ICs. ...
    Supply · Power » Power Integrations » CAPZero-2
  3. Exar Corporation introduces the XR79120 a 20 A single output, synchronous step-down power module in a compact, market leading 12 × 14 × 4 mm footprint. Although small, the XR79120 still offers greater than 93% peak efficiency and ...
    Supply · Power » Exar » XR79120
  4. The LT3952 is a current mode step-up DC/DC converter with an internal 60 V, 4 A DMOS power switch. It is specifically designed by Linear Technology to drive high power LEDs in multiple configurations. It combines input and output current regulation ...
    Supply · Light · Power » Linear Technology » LT3952
  5. Micrel Inc . introduced the MIC1344, a 3 A power ORing smart switch offered in a small 2 mm × 2 mm QFN package. The MIC1344 targets handheld devices and systems powered from multiple sources such as wall adapters and auxiliary battery power ...
    Supply · Power » Micrel » MIC1344
  6. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP7344 . This dual 300 mA low-dropout (LDO) regulator offers high 1% output accuracy and a low quiescent current of 50 uA. The AP7344 features a small package to suit battery-powered consumer products such as ...
    Supply » Diodes » AP7344
  7. Exar Corporation introduces a new line of 40 V switching regulators to add to its popular PowerBlox™ family of DC/DC converter products. The XR76203 , XR76205 and XR76208 are synchronous step-down regulators supporting point-of-load (POL) ...
    Supply · Power » Exar Corporation » XR76203, XR76205, XR76208
  8. Ultra-small devices meet power, space and performance requirements for battery operated equipment Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced a family of ultra-miniature CMOS low drop-out voltage regulators (LDOs) with a 300 mA driving ...
    Supply · Power » Toshiba » TCR3DM
  9. AS3701 micro-PMIC includes battery charger circuit, multiple power rails, protection features and I 2 C interface ams AG introduced the AS3701, an integrated power management unit with an especially small footprint for use in wearables and other ...
    Supply · Power » ams » AS3701
  10. Exar Corporation announced a next generation VCOM control product based on patent-pending innovative architecture. Exar, through its merger with iML, is the leader in flat panel analog products including common voltage (VCOM) management for flat ...
    Supply · Power » Exar » iML2911

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