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  1. New isolated DC-to-DC converters incorporate ADI’s isoPower® power isolation technology, shrinking board space by 75 percent compared to competing solutions Analog Devices (ADI) introduced the industry’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC ...
    Electronic components · Interfaces · Power » Analog Devices » ADuM5010, ADuM6010, ADuM5210, ADuM5211, ADuM5211, ADuM5212, ADuM6210, ADuM6211, ADuM6212, EVAL-ADUM5010EBZ
  2. New flash LED drivers offer best efficiency for next-generation smartphones. Analog Devices (ADI) introduced two flash LED drivers. The ADP1660 is a dual 750-mA (1500-mA total) flash LED driver available in a 2.0-mm × 1.6-mm 12-ball WLCSP ...
    Drivers · Light · Power » Analog Devices » ADP1649, ADP1660
  3. Analog Devices , Inc. (ADI), introduced the ADP1851 wide-input-range, synchronous, step-down DC-to-DC controller with voltage tracking and synchronization capability. The ADP1851 expands ADI’s popular series of configurable controllers ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » ADP1851
  4. Analog Devices, Inc . introduced the industry’s first MEMS accelerometer with Min/Max offset sensitivity over the full temperature range. The ADXL350 3-axis MEMS accelerometer has maximum offset temperature sensitivity of 0.31 mg/ C on the ...
  5. Analog Devices introduced the industry’s first fully isolated A/D converter designed for polyphase energy metering applications. The ADE7913 3-channel, sigma-delta A/D converter incorporates Analog Devices’ patented iCoupler and ...
    ADC, DAC · Measurement » Analog Devices » ADE7913, ADE7913
  6. ADI’s single-lead AD8232 analog front end for heart-rate monitoring meets low-power and signal conditioning needs of vital sign monitors in fitness equipment, wearable devices and remote health monitoring. Analog Devices , Inc. (ADI), ...
  7. ADI’s ADG5206/5207 16-channel and differential 8:1 multiplexers offer guaranteed latch-up protection for industrial, instrumentation and process control applications. Analog Devices introduced two multiplexers that are able to guarantee ...
    Electronic components » Analog Devices » ADG5206, ADG5207
  8. Analog Devices, Inc. introduced a 10-degree-of-freedom (DoF) MEMS inertial measurement unit (IMU) with an embedded sensor fusion algorithm that delivers extremely accurate orientation sensing in platform stabilization, navigation and ...
    MEMS » Analog Devices » ADIS16480
  9. Phase detector on the new ADF4159 can operate up to 110 MHz and consumes less than 100 mW; includes high resolution 25-bit fractional-N modulus and on chip FMCW ramp generation Analog Devices , Inc. announced the industry’s highest ...
    RF » Analog Devices » ADF4159
  10. ADI’s ADXL377 MEMS accelerometer accurately measures concussive forces in contact sports and high impact events in industrial equipment Analog Devices , Inc. introduced the industry’s first commercially available analog, 3-axis, high-g ...
    MEMS » Analog Devices » ADXL377
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