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  1. Analog Devices introduced the industry’s first precision difference amplifier to maintain excellent Common-Mode Rejection Ratio (CMRR) that exceeds 90dB at voltages up to 600 V. Designed for applications such as motor control, process control ...
  2. Analog Devices ADMP801 MEMS microphone delivers 27 dBA EIN, consumes only 17 µA at 1 V supply, and is available in a 7.3 mm³ package. Analog Devices introduced a high performance MEMS microphone developed specifically for hearing aid ...
    MEMS · Audio » Analog Devices » ADMP801
  3. Analog Devices, Inc. and Bourns, Inc. introduced the industry’s first certified RS-485 evaluation board for protecting against EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) events in industrial and instrumentation equipment. Available through both ...
    Interfaces » Analog Devices » EVAL-CN0313-SDPZ
  4. ADI’s AD9142 D/A converter features a proprietary low spurious and distortion design with on-chip, numerically-controlled oscillator and integrated interpolation filters. Analog Devices introduced the AD9142 dual-channel, 16-bit, 1.6-GSPS D/A ...
  5. ADP2384/86 dc-to-dc regulators integrate ultralow on-resistance (44/11 mΩ) power MOSFETs, making them the most efficient 4-A and 6-A solutions for powering processor cores in compact 168mm 2 solution size. Analog Devices , Inc. (ADI), ...
    Supply · Supply · Power » Analog Devices » ADP2384, ADP2386
  6. New isolated DC-to-DC converters incorporate ADI’s isoPower® power isolation technology, shrinking board space by 75 percent compared to competing solutions Analog Devices (ADI) introduced the industry’s smallest isolated DC-to-DC ...
    Electronic components · Interfaces · Power » Analog Devices » ADuM5010, ADuM6010, ADuM5210, ADuM5211, ADuM5211, ADuM5212, ADuM6210, ADuM6211, ADuM6212, EVAL-ADUM5010EBZ
  7. New flash LED drivers offer best efficiency for next-generation smartphones. Analog Devices (ADI) introduced two flash LED drivers. The ADP1660 is a dual 750-mA (1500-mA total) flash LED driver available in a 2.0-mm × 1.6-mm 12-ball WLCSP ...
    Drivers · Light · Power » Analog Devices » ADP1649, ADP1660
  8. Analog Devices , Inc. (ADI), introduced the ADP1851 wide-input-range, synchronous, step-down DC-to-DC controller with voltage tracking and synchronization capability. The ADP1851 expands ADI’s popular series of configurable controllers ...
    Supply · Power » Analog Devices » ADP1851
  9. Analog Devices, Inc . introduced the industry’s first MEMS accelerometer with Min/Max offset sensitivity over the full temperature range. The ADXL350 3-axis MEMS accelerometer has maximum offset temperature sensitivity of 0.31 mg/ C on the ...
  10. Analog Devices introduced the industry’s first fully isolated A/D converter designed for polyphase energy metering applications. The ADE7913 3-channel, sigma-delta A/D converter incorporates Analog Devices’ patented iCoupler and ...
    ADC, DAC · Measurement » Analog Devices » ADE7913, ADE7913
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