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Company: "CML Microcircuits"
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  1. CML Microcircuits has released the CMX994A and CMX994E Direct Conversion Receiver (DCRx) ICs. The CMX994A and CMX994E are RF receiver Integrated Circuits (ICs) featuring I/Q demodulators with low power consumption and high performance features. ...
    RF · Wireless » CML Microcircuits » CMX994A, CMX994E
  2. CML Microcircuits has released a new low-power, Digital Radio Processor specifically targeted at 2-slot TDMA digital radio systems, including Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The new CMX7161 is built on CML’s FirmASIC ® technology with ...
  3. CML Microcircuits has announced the addition of a new PMR Audio and Data Processor, the CMX148 , to its family of analogue two-way radio ICs. This device is intended for use in general leisure and professional PMR terminals, particularly enhanced ...

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