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  1. E521.41 according to the v1.3 and v2.1 standards Elmos is presenting a PSI5 interface IC with the E521.41 . This component enables communication to the microcontroller over four channels with up to 6 sensors each. Data rates of 125 kbit/s or 189 ...
    Interfaces · Automotive » Elmos » E521.41
  2. E523.32: Position Recognition with no Sensor LIN Interface With the E523.32 , Elmos is presenting a bipolar stepper motor driver IC with sinusoidal motor current modulation. The component is addressed via the LIN1.3 or LIN2.x interface. Its LIN ...
    Electronic components · Drivers · Automotive · Light · Power » Elmos » E523.30, E523.32, E523.38
  3. E931.18 with 1-wire-solution to the microcontroller With the component E931.08 , Elmos presents a sensor signal processor for direct processing of thermopile signals. The IC has been developed specifically for the interface between thermopile ...
  4. The Elmos E521.31 IC provides an easy and variable RGB-LED system design with LIN bus interface. The component can drive 6 or more RGB-LEDs in multiplex mode, making it the ideal choice for cost-effective and dynamic light systems on the inside or ...
    Automotive · Light · Power » Elmos » E521.31
  5. E523.52: Maximum 72V integrated microcontroller With the E523.52 IC, Elmos is presenting a fully integrated motor controller for brushless DC (BLDC) motors. The E532.52 can be operated with a supply voltage of up to 72 V. It integrates a powerful ...
    Power » Elmos » E532.52
  6. E931.98 for outdoor motion sensor lights Elmos introduces the E931.98 integrated circuit for motion detection with conventional PIR detectors. The signal from the detector is analysed and a load switch output activated, once motion is detected. ...
    Sensors · Automation · Light · Power » Elmos » E931.98
  7. E522.40 for dual phantom supply with I 2 C interface With the E522.40 IC, Elmos is presenting a dual antenna protection IC in a very compact package. The semiconductor affords protection of the antenna system against ESD, short to ground and ...
  8. With the E520.32, Elmos presents a fully programmable platform for an optical smoke detector with a bus interface. The analog, addressable integrated circuit needs just a minimum of external components for setting up the complete system. The ...
    Sensors · Security » Elmos » E520.32
  9. ELMOS chip recognizes touch, approximation, and gesture With the new and innovative ASSP E909.06, ELMOS presents a sensor system working on an optical and capacitive basis at the same time. Both systems can be used simultaneously and can exchange ...
    Sensors » Elmos » E909.06
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