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  1. Holtek announces the release of its new 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D with LCD Flash MCU, the HT67F5660. The internal Delta Sigma A/D converter has an effective number of bits (ENOB) of up to 18 bits and with its abundant hardware resources and flexible ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT67F5650, HT67F5660
  2. With a focus on the 2.4 GHz RF application area, Holtek is delighted to announce its new I/O Type Full Speed USB Flash MCU, the BC68FB540 . This device forms one of a series of new generation 8-bit Flash USB RF MCUs. The 2.4 GHz RF Transceiver ...
  3. Holtek announced the release of the its new Tinypower A/D type Flash MCU, the HT45F12 . The HT45F12 meets with the full industrial specification requirements of -40 C~ 85 C operating temperature and has the characteristics of high noise immunity. ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT45F12
  4. Holtek has presently released its latest USB Speaker OTP MCU, the HT82A824R . The device, having a fully integrated USB 2.0 Full Speed Compatible SIE and high performance digital to analog converter, also incorporates a high power audio amplifier ...
    Microcontrollers · Audio » Holtek » HT82A824R
  5. In line with the general and gradual trend of microcontroller device development from 8 and 16-bit to 32-bit devices, Holtek is delighted to announce its step into the 32-bit world with the release of an all new 32-bit MCU device series. Known as ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT32F125x
  6. Holtek is delighted to announce the release of its new 8 bit TinyPowerTM A/D with LCD type Flash MCU series. This device series includes the full feature range of the Enhanced Flash MCUs while also incorporating Holtek’s unique TinyPowerTM ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT67F30, HT67F40, HT67F50, HT67F60
  7. Holtek is pleased to announce the release of its new Flash series MCUs, in the form of its I/O type HT68F1x series and the A/D type HT66F1x series. All devices meet with full industrial specifications (-40 C~85 C) and have high noise immunity. ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT66F13,HT66F14, HT66F15, HT68F13, HT68F14, HT68F15
  8. Holtek is delighted to announce the release of a new generation of touch key Flash MCU series devices, the BS83B series. This BS83B Flash MCU series contains three devices; the BS83B08-3 with 8 touch keys, the BS83B12-3 with 12 touch keys and the ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » BS83B08, BS83B12-3, BS83B12-3
  9. Differing from the traditional OTP and Mask type technology, Holtek is pleased to announce the release of a new HT83F02 Flash type Voice device. Although OTP technology devices are user programmable, after initial programming no further memory ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT83F02
  10. Holtek Semiconductor in its continual strive for excellence in the area of MCU development, has now released a new series of ultra low power consumption A/D type Flash MCUs, the HT45F23 and HT45F43 . Both devices fully meet the industrial grade ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT45F23, HT45F43
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