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  1. ZMDI today announces the launch of the ZSSC3027 , a leading-edge 16-bit sensor signal conditioning IC (SSC) with an integrated 18-bit digital signal processor (DSP) for linearization and calibration functions. As a global supplier of analog and ...
    Sensors · MEMS » ZMDI » ZSSC3027
  2. Unique Solution to Self-Diagnose Improper Device Operation Allegro MicroSystems, LLC announces a revolutionary unipolar, Hall-effect switch that is unlike any other competitive device on the market today. Allegro’s A1160 solution includes an ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Allegro » A1160
  3. ADI’s meter-on-a-chip offers passive and active sensor fusion functionality for next-generation point-of-care diagnostics, home/self-test health products, and vital signs monitoring Analog Devices, Inc. unveiled a high-precision, low-power ...
  4. Melexis introduces two new parts to its programmable digital Hall effect sensor line. The MLX92231 and MLX92211 feature EEPROM memory, allowing magnetic switching thresholds to be configured (including hysteresis). Both are factory pre-programmed ...
    Sensors · Measurement · Digital » Melexis » MLX92231, MLX92211
  5. Melexis has announced a further addition to its customer programmable Triaxis® Hall effect sensor IC portfolio. Targeted predominantly at use in electric vehicles (EVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and renewable energy systems, the high ...
    Sensors » Melexis » MLX91208
  6. Seiko Epson Corporation began shipping samples of products in its new XV4001 series of high-precision gyroscopic sensors. These sensors, designed for car navigation systems, are available with either an SPI or I2C digital output interface. ...
    Sensors · Automotive » Epson » XV4001BD, XV4001BC, XV4001KD, XV4001KC
  7. Measurement Specialties has released to production its new 14-bit 85BSD media isolated digital output pressure sensor. With a diaphragm of just 13mm in diameter, this ASIC calibrated pirezoresistive silicon pressure sensor is designed to be ...
    Sensors · Measurement » MEAS » 85BSD
  8. Integrated Temperature and Humidity Sensor Solutions Cut Costs, Time to Market, and Provide Industry Leading Performance Honeywell announced that new 6000, 7000, 8000, and 9000 Series of the HumidIcon ™ combination digital output relative ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Honeywell » HumidIcon
  9. Thanks to its best-in-class vibration suppression, Infineon ’s new TLE4951 and TLE4954 speed sensor family is ideally suited to transmission applications in harsh automotive environments. Unlike TLE4951, TLE4954 features direction detection ...
    Sensors · Automotive » Infineon » TLE4951, TLE4954
  10. e-con Systems Inc., announces the launch of the Denebola (See3CAM_CX3RDK) Reference Design Kit based on EZ-USB CX3 USB3.0 Peripheral controller from Cypress Semiconductors . The Cypress EZ-USB CX3 is a USB 3.0 peripheral controller that enables ...
    Sensors · Interfaces · Video » e-con Systems » Denebola

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