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  1. New devices enable precise position and motion sensing in almost any environment Texas Instruments (TI) announced the world's first multichannel inductance-to-digital converters (LDCs). The four new devices in the LDC1614 family expand the ...
    Data Convertors · Sensors » Texas Instruments » LDC1314, LDC1312, LDC1612, LDC1614, LDC1614EVM
  2. Designed for Use in Customer Provided Steel / Ferromagnetic Core Allegro MicroSystems introduces a new customer programmable, high accuracy linear Hall effect-based current sensor IC. Allegro’s A1369 is packaged in a thin 3-pin SIP package to ...
    Sensors » Allegro » A1369
  3. MEMS sensors have been used in automobiles for 20 years, and in consumer electronics for 10 years MEMS sensors are the sensory organs of modern technical systems Small, robust, intelligent, and energy-efficient Bosch is a pioneer and the global ...
    Sensors · MEMS » Bosch » SMI700, SMP480, BMI160, BME680
  4. New AS5047P with incremental ABI output is an ideal replacement for optical encoders and resolvers in motor and motion control systems that enables dramatically lower system costs while still providing high accuracy performance ams AG launched a ...
    Sensors » ams » AS5047P
  5. Automotive Grade, Galvanically Isolated Current Sensor ICs Allegro MicroSystems , LLC announces two new current sensor ICs that are economical and precise solutions for AC or DC current sensing in industrial, automotive, commercial, and ...
    Sensors · Automotive · Measurement » Allegro » ACS724, ACS725
  6. TCS3490 intelligent color sensor’s accurate measurement of color temperature and ambient light intensity enables sophisticated display color management control for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and digital still cameras ams AG released the ...
    Sensors · Optoelectronics » ams » TCS3490
  7. Unique device provides direct measurement of Ultra Violet Index STMicroelectronics has expanded its portfolio of environmental sensors with the introduction of the UVIS25 , the world’s first sensor to provide a direct digital output of the ...
  8. Infineon Technologies has launched an ultra-high 5 cm resolution, miniature MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) pressure sensor for use in mobile and wearable gadgets and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. The DPS310 is a low-power digital ...
    Sensors · Measurement » Infineon » DPS310
  9. The Optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new fully integrated proximity and ambient light sensor featuring Filtron™ technology in one of the market's smallest surface-mount packages. Measuring only 4 mm by 2 mm by 1.1 ...
    Sensors · Optoelectronics » Vishay » VCNL4040
  10. The Optoelectronics group of Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new digital RGBW sensor featuring Filtron™ technology for accurate RGBW spectral sensitivity, while providing ambient light spectral sensitivity with responses close to that of ...
    Sensors · Optoelectronics » Vishay » VEML6040

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