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  1. e2v announces the release of its new P1 series microprocessors from the QorIQ product family at this year’s Paris Air Show. Microprocessors from the QorIQ family are extensively used in commercial avionics and defense electronics systems, ...
    Microcontrollers » e2v » QorIQ
  2. EFM32® Happy Gecko MCU Family Simplifies USB Connectivity for Power-Sensitive, Battery-Operated IoT Applications Silicon Labs introduced the industry’s most energy-friendly USB-enabled microcontrollers (MCUs). The latest addition to ...
    Microcontrollers » Silicon Labs » Happy Gecko
  3. Highly integrated MSP430 FRAM microcontrollers with LCD enable industrial automation and metering applications at a reduced system cost Overcoming a design hurdle that has burdened engineers for decades, Texas Instruments (TI) announced a ...
    Microcontrollers » Texas Instruments » MSP430FR6972, bq25570, CC2650
  4. CSR announces the launch of three wireless soundbar platform example designs which offer manufacturers complete and flexible solutions designed to rapidly bring entry-level, mid-range and high-end soundbars to market. Market intelligence firm ...
    Microcontrollers · Audio · Wireless » CSR » CSR8670, CSRA65700
  5. NXP Semiconductors announced the launch of its new best-in-class, low power and long range JN5169 wireless microcontroller and accompanying smart home and smart lighting solutions, featuring certified ZigBee LightLink, Home Automation, GreenPower ...
    Microcontrollers · Wireless » NXP » JN5169
  6. EZR32 Family Provides Industry-Leading Power Efficiency, RF Performance, Integration and Multi-Protocol Support in a Single-Chip Solution Silicon Labs introduced a new family of 32-bit wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) designed to simplify a wide ...
  7. NXP Semiconductors announced two new microcontroller families, LPC18Sxx and LPC43Sxx , to help embedded developers secure application code and data messages in connected applications against threats such as theft and cloning. The new ...
    Microcontrollers · Security » NXP » LPC18Sxx, LPC43Sxx, A7001CM, LPC43S37, LPC1800, LPC4300
  8. NXP Semiconductors announced that the Lenovo VIBE X2 Pro smartphone, due to be released in April 2015, will use the NXP LPC54100 series of microcontrollers for always-on sensor processing applications. Lenovo selected the LPC54100 series for its ...
    Microcontrollers » NXP » LPC54100
  9. Infineon Technologies announced two shields for the Arduino design community. The shields target two important applications: RGB lighting and motor control. Both Shields are compatible to Arduino Uno R3 and can be combined with the XMC1100 Boot Kit ...
    Microcontrollers · MCU open-source platforms · Microcontrollers usage · Light · Power » Infineon » RGB LED Lighting Shield, DC Motor Control Shield, XMC1100 Boot Kit
  10. The MPLAB Code Configurator Enables Firmware Developers to Quickly Initialize the Device and Implement Peripheral Drivers for Faster Time to Market Microchip Technology announced the expansion of its MPLAB ® Code Configurator Plug-In to support ...
    Microcontrollers · CAD & Software » Microchip » MPLAB Code Configurator

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