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  1. Infineon Technologies announced two shields for the Arduino design community. The shields target two important applications: RGB lighting and motor control. Both Shields are compatible to Arduino Uno R3 and can be combined with the XMC1100 Boot Kit ...
    Microcontrollers · MCU open-source platforms · Microcontrollers usage · Light · Power » Infineon » RGB LED Lighting Shield, DC Motor Control Shield, XMC1100 Boot Kit
  2. XHP LEDs Leverage SC5 Technology Platform to Double the Light Output of a Single LED Cree , Inc. announces the commercial availability of XLamp® Extreme High Power (XHP) LEDs, a new class of LEDs that enable a system cost reduction of up to 40 ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Cree » XHP50, XHP70
  3. Diodes Incorporated introduced the AL5809 . This constant-current LED driver is offered in a robust two-terminal PowerDI®-123 package, and provides an improved accuracy, cost-effective solution for LEDs driving. With its 1.2 W maximum power ...
  4. Infineon's new Quad-channel high-ohmic class product, BTS5200-4EKA , is the latest addition to the company's PROFET™+ family. BTS5200-4EKA comes in a PG-DSO-14 package. Like all products in the PROFET™+ family, it provides outstanding ...
    Electronic components · Automotive · Light · Power » Infineon » BTS5200-4EKA, BTS52004EKAXUMA1
  5. Extends single stage solutions with high power factor capability and broadens two stage solutions up to 150 watts ON Semiconductor announces two new series of power factor corrected (PFC) offline AC-DC drivers for high performance LED lighting ...
    Drivers · Light · Power » ON Semiconductor » NCL30085, NCL30086, NCL30088, NCL30030
  6. E931.98 for outdoor motion sensor lights Elmos introduces the E931.98 integrated circuit for motion detection with conventional PIR detectors. The signal from the detector is analysed and a load switch output activated, once motion is detected. ...
    Sensors · Automation · Light · Power » Elmos » E931.98
  7. Half to full watt LED has 30 V version available, other voltages upon request Everlight Electronics announces the XI3030 High Voltage series, an addition to EVERLIGHT’s popular XI3030 mid to high power LED package. By introducing the High ...
  8. Designed for High Efficiency, High Dimming Ratio, Low EMI Automotive Infotainment and Robust Industrial Backlighting and Lighting Applications Allegro ’s A8518 and A8519 devices integrate a current-mode boost converter with internal power ...
    Light · Power » Allegro » A8518, A8519
  9. Company Enables Customers to Use Fewer LEDs, Improve Uniformity and Reduce System Cost Luminus, Inc. announced the launch of the XNOVA Cube , an innovative 1 watt SMD LED with a 170 degree viewing angle, which provides bulb designers with the ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Luminus » XNOVA Cube, MP-1919
  10. NXP Semiconductors announced it will exhibit its latest lighting technology at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (27th-30th October 2014) including its new core segment LED driver platform for non-dimmable and dimmable LED applications, ...
    Light · Power » NXP » SSL5231, SSL5021, SSL5031

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