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  1. NXP has just released four new 20 V N- and P-channel MOSFETs in DFN1006. The PMZ600UNE , PMZ950UPE , PMZB600UNE , and PMZB950UPE feature TrenchMOS technology, ESD protection greater than 1 KV HBM, and a drain-source-on-state resistance down to 470 ...
    Discretes » NXP » PMZ600UNE, PMZ950UPE, PMZB600UNE, PMZB950UPE
  2. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of precision thin film chip resistor arrays featuring gold terminations for conductive gluing. Offering two integrated resistors on one substrate, the ACAS 0606 ATAU resistor array combines ...
    Discretes · Automotive » Vishay » ACAS 0606 ATAU
  3. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of AEC-Q200-qualified, AC-line-rated ceramic disc safety capacitors designed to provide high reliability for Class X1 (440 VAC) and Y2 (300 VAC) automotive applications in accordance with IEC ...
  4. NXP has just released two new low VCEsat BISS transistors, the PBSS4360Z and PBSS360Z , housed in the SMD plastic package SOT223. These new types offer a 3 A collector current, 60 V operating voltage, high thermal power dissipation and a saturation ...
    Discretes · Power » NXP » PBSS4360Z, PBSS360Z
  5. X-REL Semiconductor has broadened its XTR2N family of high-temperature MOSFET transistors by introducing two new mid-power P-channel and two small-signal P- and N-channel transistors. Intended for high-reliability, extreme temperature and extended ...
    Discretes » X-REL » XTR2N0307, XTR2N0325, XTR2N0350, XTR2N0525, XTR2N0550, XTR2N0807
  6. Vishay Intertechnology announced that it has extended its RCL e3 series of long side termination thick film chip resistors with new devices in the 0406 and 1225 case sizes. For automotive electronic circuits and general purpose applications, the ...
    Discretes » Vishay » RCL e3
  7. Infineon Technologies expands the comprehensive SiC portfolio introducing the 5th generation 1200 V thinQ! ™ SiC Schottky diodes. The new 1200 V SiC diodes feature ultra-low forward voltage even at operating temperatures, more than 100 ...
    Discretes · Power » Infineon » thinQ!
  8. NXP enlarges its small-signal MOSFETs portfolio with two new medium power P-channel MOSFETs in the ultra small, leadless package DFN1010D-3 (SOT1215) with solderable side pads. PMXB65UPE and PMXB75UPE offer a drain current of up to 3.2 A, ...
    Discretes » NXP » PMXB65UPE, PMXB75UPE
  9. International Rectifier introduced the introduction of a family of Large Can DirectFET® MOSFETs for industrial applications requiring ultra-low on-state resistance (R DS(ON) ) including high power DC motors, DC/AC inverters, and high current ...
    Discretes · Power » International Rectifier » IRF7739L1TRPBF, IRF7749L1TRPBF, IRF7748L1TRPBF, IRF7759L2TRPBF, IRF7769L1TRPBF, IRF7779L2TRPBF
  10. NXP introduces the first two 60 V low leakage Schottky barrier rectifiers in the FlatPower SOD123W package. PMEG6010ELR and PMEG6020ELR offer a reverse voltage of 60 V and average forward currents of 1 A and 2 A. They also offer a low reverse ...
    Discretes » NXP » PMEG6010ELR, PMEG6020ELR

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