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  1. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) offering high self-resonance, a high Q factor of ≥ 2000, and a low dissipation factor of ≤ 0.05 % for operation in high-frequency ...
    RF · Discretes » Vishay » VJ HIFREQ
  2. Agilent Technologies announced the Agilent U2020 X-series, the world's fastest USB power sensors. With the peak and average power measurement capabilities of a power meter, these compact high-performance sensors allow engineers to test devices ...
    RF · Measurement » Agilent » U2021XA, U2022XA
  3. Phase detector on the new ADF4159 can operate up to 110 MHz and consumes less than 100 mW; includes high resolution 25-bit fractional-N modulus and on chip FMCW ramp generation Analog Devices , Inc. announced the industry’s highest ...
    RF » Analog Devices » ADF4159
  4. RFMD ’s new RF3688 is a single-chip dual-band front end module (FEM) for high performance WiFi applications in the 2.5GHz and 5GHz ISM bands. It contains integrated PAs for 2.5GHz and 5GHz, Tx/Rx switch for each band, baluns for both low and ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RF3688
  5. Small-Footprint Module Incorporates Power Amplifier, Path Coupler and Antenna Switch Technology with Low Current Consumption Avago Technologies announced a highly efficient front-end module for WiFi access points. The new AFEM-S105 module ...
    RF · Wireless » Avago Technologies » AFEM-S105
  6. TriQuint's new 30W GaN power amplifier, TGA2576-FL, supports defense, communications and general test applications across 2.5-6 GHz. It offers 30W of saturated output power with 35% PAE and 26dBm of small signal gain; it is available in a standard, ...
    RF » TriQuint » TGA2576-FL
  7. RFMD ’s new RF6559 is a Front End Module (FEM) for 915MHz AMR systems. It contains an integrated three-stage PA with 42dB of gain and typical power output of 28dBm. The RF6559 allows for Tx/Rx on a single antenna via 2 integrated SPDT ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RF6559
  8. Microchip Technology Inc. announced its complete, integrated RF front-end module for WLAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth systems the SST12LF03 . This device features a transmitter power amplifier, a receiver low-noise amplifier (LNA) and a low-loss ...
    RF · Wireless » Microchip » SST12LF03
  9. Infineon has expanded its family of LDMOS RF power transistors to include three new products aimed at Doherty amplifiers for LTE, WCDMA and CDMA applications. The new power transistors offer excellent efficiency, high peak power, and broad video ...
    RF · Wireless » Infineon » PTFB093608FV V1, PTFB082817FH V1, PTFB091507FH V1
  10. Javelin Semiconductor, Inc. announced the JAV5502 3G Band II power amplifier (PA), the newest member of its ground-breaking CMOS PA product family. Based on the patented architecture of Javelin's Band I PAs, the JAV5502 brings industry-leading low ...

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