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  1. RF Micro Devices , Inc. (RFMD) announced the availability of the RFFM6903 front end module (FEM). RFMD's highly-integrated RFFM6903 FEM meets or exceeds the system requirements for AMI/AMR smart meter applications operating in the 868MHz 960MHz ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RFFM6903
  2. Infineon has launched two new LDMOS RF power transistors for applications in the 1200MHz to 1400MHz frequency band. PTVA123501EC achieves over 400W peak output power with 13dB gain and 52 percent efficiency measured at 1400MHz, Vdd 50V and a ...
    RF » Infineon » PTVA123501EC, PTVA120251EA
  3. FM radio receiver modules are standard in many of today’s mobile phones and handsets, with the mobile phone’s headset cord doubling as the FM antenna. However, this is not an ideal solution, as reception can be poor, the wired headset ...
    RF · Radio » Infineon » BGB719N7ESD
  4. Infineon introduced its first single-chip radar solution for applications in industrial and commercial sensing. Based on the SiGe:C process technology and operating in the 24GHz ISM band (24.0 24.25GHz), the new BGT24MTR11 radar transceiver is the ...
    RF · Wireless » Infineon » BGT24MTR11, BGT24MR2, BGT24MTR12
  5. ATmegaRFR2 Consumes 50 Percent Less Power than Nearest Competitor; Wireless Composer Available in Atmel Studio 6 Gallery to Further Accelerate Design Process Atmel Corporatio n announced the Atmel ATmegaRFR2 AVR family of devices, its ...
    RF · Wireless · Microcontrollers » Atmel » ATmega64RFR2, ATmega128RFR2, ATmega256RFR2
  6. Complementing RF transistor and MMIC portfolio, Infineon now offer RF transistors based on next-generation SiGe:C HBT (Silicon Germanium Carbon Hetero Bipolar Transistor) technology. To develop this technology, R D experts set themselves the target ...
    RF · Wireless » Infineon » BFP840ESD, BFP840FESD, BFR840L3RHESD
  7. Microchip Technology Inc. announced its latest-generation SMSC JukeBlox Wi-Fi connectivity platform, featuring the JukeBlox 3.1-AAP (part # JB3.1-AAP) Software Development Kit (SDK) in combination with the new CX875 Wi-Fi Network Media Module. This ...
    RF · Wireless · Audio · Wireless » Microchip » JukeBlox Wi-Fi connectivity platform
  8. Anadigics’ New Dual-Band ProEficient™ 3G / 4G Power Amplifiers Drive Greater Battery-Life, While Reducing Space Requirements Anadigics , Inc. expanded its ProEficient™ 3G / 4G power amplifier (PA) product family with the ...
    RF · Amplifiers · Wireless » Anadigics » AWT6751, AWT6754, AWT6755, AWT6756
  9. PE42422 addresses portable wireless and general-purpose RF applications with 100 MHz 6 GHz operation and 2 × 2 mm package Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation announced the expansion of its high-linearity, low insertion loss RF switch family ...
    RF · Wireless » Peregrine » PE42422
  10. Based on Pre-Certified Modules w/ Industry’s Lowest Power From Recent Roving Networks Acquisition; Boards Use Standard PICtail Interface to 8/16/32-bit PIC MCU Tools Microchip Technology Inc. announced the integration of its Wi-Fi modules ...
    RF · Wireless · Microcontrollers · Wireless » Microchip » RN-131-PICtail, RN-171-PICtail

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