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  1. The new Infineon 's 500W PTVA035002EV transistor is targeted at pulsed applications and combines outstanding gain and efficiency with a highly rugged design. PTVA035002EV is available as an unmatched transistor for maximum design flexibility and ...
    RF » Infineon » PTVA035002EV
  2. RFMD ’s new RFVA0016 is an integrated, analog-controlled, Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA) for broadband applications with external matching, allowing operation in all bands from 400MHz to 2700MHz with a single module. It features exceptional ...
    RF » RFMD » RFVA0016
  3. The first two ICs to debut in the nRF51 Series are the nRF51822, a multi-protocol Bluetooth low energy / 2.4GHz proprietary RF SoC, and the nRF51422, the world’s first ANT / ANT+ SoC. These devices share a new higher performance, lower power ...
    RF · Wireless · Microcontrollers · Wireless » Nordic » nRF51822, nRF51422
  4. Unique AFE Register Offers Prime System Performance and Easy Design and Production Atmel Corporation announced production availability of a low-frequency (LF) RFID transponder device, the Atmel ATA5577M1330C-PP . Ideal for applications in building ...
    RF · Wireless » Atmel » ATA5577M1330C-PP
  5. Wideband RF power LDMOS FETs serve applications from HF to L band, 1MHz to 2GHz Addressing market demand for RF power devices featuring enhanced ruggedness and wideband operation over a broad frequency range, Freescale Semiconductor introduces two ...
    RF · Discretes » Freescale » MRFE6VS25N, MRFE6VP100H
  6. Vishay Intertechnology introduced a new series of surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) offering high self-resonance, a high Q factor of ≥ 2000, and a low dissipation factor of ≤ 0.05 % for operation in high-frequency ...
    RF · Discretes » Vishay » VJ HIFREQ
  7. Agilent Technologies announced the Agilent U2020 X-series, the world's fastest USB power sensors. With the peak and average power measurement capabilities of a power meter, these compact high-performance sensors allow engineers to test devices ...
    RF · Measurement » Agilent » U2021XA, U2022XA
  8. Phase detector on the new ADF4159 can operate up to 110 MHz and consumes less than 100 mW; includes high resolution 25-bit fractional-N modulus and on chip FMCW ramp generation Analog Devices , Inc. announced the industry’s highest ...
    RF » Analog Devices » ADF4159
  9. RFMD ’s new RF3688 is a single-chip dual-band front end module (FEM) for high performance WiFi applications in the 2.5GHz and 5GHz ISM bands. It contains integrated PAs for 2.5GHz and 5GHz, Tx/Rx switch for each band, baluns for both low and ...
    RF · Wireless » RFMD » RF3688
  10. Small-Footprint Module Incorporates Power Amplifier, Path Coupler and Antenna Switch Technology with Low Current Consumption Avago Technologies announced a highly efficient front-end module for WiFi access points. The new AFEM-S105 module ...
    RF · Wireless » Avago Technologies » AFEM-S105

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