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  1. NXP Semiconductors announced a new series of six transient voltage suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in the small, leadless plastic package DFN2020-3 (2 ×2 mm) with a height of only 0.62 mm. The new PTVSxU1UPA product series offers a 300 W peak ...
    Discretes · Automotive » NXP » PTVSxU1UPA
  2. TLE5041plusC is Infineon's first ever iGMR wheel speed sensor. It is specially designed for indirect TPMS systems, which use information from wheel speed sensors to control a car's tire pressure. The calculation algorithms in the system have to ...
    Sensors · Automotive · Measurement » Infineon » TLE5041plusC
  3. Vishay Intertechnology announced that its PATT precision automotive thin film chip resistor is now available in the 0805 case size. Providing an 85 C extension in operating temperature range over conventional chip resistors, the PATT features ...
  4. BTS5482SF is the latest addition to Infineon's SPOC high power family. The new high-side smart power switch provides four channels and a host of embedded protective and logic functions in a PG-DSO-36 package. BTS5482SF is unique to the market, ...
    Supply · Automotive » Infineon » BTS5482SF
  5. Infineon is launching the second wave of its next-generation PROFET™+ 24 V smart high-side switches. The new switches include three single-channel devices with 20, 30 and 50mΩ ( BTT6020-1EKA , BTT6030-2EKA , BTT6050-1EKA ) and one ...
    Discretes · Automotive · Power » Infineon » BTT6020-1EKA, BTT6030-1EKA, BTT6050-1EKA, BTT6030-2EKA
  6. Vishay Intertechnology introduced two new matched pairs of AEC-Q101-qualified, high-speed 940 nm infrared emitters and silicon PIN photodiodes in compact 3 mm by 2 mm side-view surface-mount packages. For automotive and consumer IR touch panels, ...
    Optoelectronics · Automotive » Vishay » VSMB10940X01, VEMD10940FX01, VSMB11940X01, VEMD11940FX01
  7. CSR announced that JVCKENWOOD has chosen CSR’s aptX® codec for use in its in-vehicle infotainment systems. The aptX codec is already prevalent in many Bluetooth® enabled mobile devices to support CD-like audio quality in a multitude ...
    Audio · Automotive · Wireless » CSR » CSR8350, CSRC9300
  8. Designed to Address the Automotive Markets Need for Enhanced Camshaft Applications Allegro MicroSystems introduces a unique addition to Allegro’s camshaft sensor family of products. As a single element, non-TPOS sensor it provides first ...
    Sensors · Automotive » Allegro » ATS601LSG
  9. NXP Semiconductors announced that Volkswagen has approved Mantis for use in its vehicles without the need for a common-mode choke, enabling significant system cost savings in applications. With increasing functions being introduced into the car, ...
    Interfaces · Automotive » NXP » TJA1044T, TJA1044GT
  10. Vishay Intertechnology announced that the company is now offering laboratory sample kits of its automotive-grade precision thin film chip resistors. The MCW 0406 AT (LCW AT 96/4) and MCT 0603 AT (LCT AT 96/4) kits aid engineers in prototyping, and ...
    Discretes · Automotive » Vishay » MCW 0406 AT, MCT 0603

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